Thursday, January 30, 2014

You know people should choose...

Ah, my old high school.  Full, as it were of racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and generally small minded ignorant people.  I was one of 8 "minorities" in that school one of them was gay for a time.  When I graduated I was the only one in my class as I recall, but I wasn't paying the most attention, I was just trying to get through the ceremony and out the door.  But in recent posts here I rebutted the GOP responses to the State of the Union.  And I was a little harsh on them.

They are right, the people should choose.  I mean the government should not be telling us how to live every detail of our lives.  Rand Paul was right, government is stupid, I propose that we abandon the government, we do as we want, when we want, whenever we want.  If we want people starving in the streets, homeless, hey its their choice to be that way.  If we want to trample on the rights of others, we should be allowed to.  So, that means that if I become homeless, living in a tent, I can come take your home by force, similar to the movie "The Purge".  If I want your car, I should be allowed to just take it.  But if you want an abortion, get one, if a man wants to marry a horse, great.  I'll perform the wedding for you.  To hell with the government laws, telling us it is wrong to get into a duel, or that we have to drive 55, I want to drive like I am at Daytona or Talledega, how about you?  Hell, why should I have to pay money for a DVD, I should be able to just walk out of the store with it, or download it for free on the internet, or give it to everyone on the internet, and it shouldn't matter what it is, I should have the right to choose what I do, without reprisal from the government. 

I am tired of government telling me, I cannot lie, or that I have to give them the money I earn to support the things I dislike.  Paul again is right, the government cannot spend my money as efficiently as I could.  Just because the majority doesn't like it, to hell with them, I am a minority, they should be forced to do as I want, and in 100 years everyone will accept that I was in the right, even if I might not be.

I should be allowed to get ahead in any way I deem appropriate.  If I want to screw over people, destroy the environment, work my employees to death, hey its my right to do so.  If they don't like it, I should have the right to flog them.  Then again, they can do whatever they want as well.  IT will be a Utopia.  No more government telling us what to do, in any aspect of our lives.  We can do all the drugs we want, drive drunk, marry livestock, we can let anyone into this country we want, because we know government is stupid.

That brings me to healthcare.  Who needs healthcare?  We should just go back a hundred years, where if someone wants to pray to God to cure an illness, hey its their right to do so.  We shouldn't have government telling us to get treated for a disease, I mean just where would we be if the government had forced people to have sewers back when the Plague was around.  And what is the problem if people don't care if their kids can read or write?  I mean is it really that important that children can understand anything more than the bible?  Well I mean the rich and religious people need to, but really, is it that important?  I mean we should be able to teach our children that the bible is entirely fact and science, math, and literature is just some pesky notion. 

Yes, I am now advocating for the America of Rand Paul and Mike Lee, where the strong survive, and we create the government we want, and I invite you all to join me in this quest.