Friday, January 3, 2014

Pointing out sins isn't hate…” "Love the sinner hate the sin"..A self-serving statement

That form of intellectual dishonesty and disingenuous platitudes, is exactly why more and more SMART and DECENT people can see them as very false people, if not false Christian.
Those of us who are HONEST and who have eyes and ears can see just how selectively they single out gay people for social, political and civil denial of equal protections that they wouldn't DARE try with heterosexuals that would meet their definitions of sins. Gay people are easier to do this too because of the long legacy of discrimination already in place.

It’s religious doctrine that’s made society hostile and distrustful of gay people, and they won’t own up to that. And regardless the damage, the violence and lack of ability for gay people to BE honest about their orientation without some kind of threat to themselves, they still think the onus of changing is something they deserve. Even though it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to change their orientation.
Christians insist on influencing a great deal in our society, and despite screwing up. REALLY, screwing up badly, they still expect to and have unconditional support and unchallenged acceptance.
Something they're not willing to GIVE, except to certain specific approved members of their tribe.
Yeah, it IS hate. There isn't a lot of wiggle room between ‘you’re an abomination, your blood shall be upon you” and “we don’t want you to exist unless you pretend you’re heterosexual and only THEN we maybe might consider you to be a regular, normal person”
The price paid and who it really costs doesn't matter to them, obviously.
Because they don’t have to pay a dime. It’s not THEM that has to deal with people like THEM.- Regan DuCasses