Saturday, January 18, 2014

A truly sad thing...

One day Life and Death were having a discussion, and finally Life found the nerve to ask Death a question.  He asked Death "Why are we so different, I mean, why do people love me, yet the despise and fear you?"  Death pondered for a moment and then answered, "Because my old friend, you are a beautify lie, I am the horrible truth."

You know, people deal with death differently.  Some people ignore it, some people joke about it, some people celebrate it, others mourn it.  There is no right or wrong way to go about it.  What gets me is when someone doesn't show the "appropriate response" and others become offended by it.  Now, the thing is, when I am told about someone I know passing away, I may or may not be upset about it.  I am the type to joke about the person, or but I rarely say "I'm sorry to hear that" or a similar comment.  I have seen a lot of death, it comes with being a farmer, I am numb to it.  This does not even get into the stories about the Holocaust I have been told, personal family stories, most of my family was wiped from existence in that period of time, and I am not the only one.

So when someone informs me of the death of another person, one I don't know, I might ask who they were, and comment that "dead is dead, and there is nothing that can be done for them".  It is true, I don't care what faith, or religion you subscribe to, when you die, you are no longer here.  So, someone being callous is just par for the course.  Honestly, it only hurts the feelings of the living, when they cannot understand something like this. 

Anyway, I was passed an exchange today in which someone died, and another two individuals basically held the same sentiment I do.  What transpired is far worse than someone pissing on a dead body, and for as callous as the comments became, it was taken to another level against one of these guys.  Now remember people see death differently, and it makes people uncomfortable.  The one comment I will repeat here, the others no, because lets face it, it shows just how hollow humanity has become.  Someone had brought up the fact that they were going to get "heat" a term meant to explain a negative reaction to a topic(s), statement(s), or action(s), and the guy in question said he could use some heat, it was cold in the tent he lives in.  The comment I am using to illustrate this is this one, spoken by the person to announce the passing of one of their friends, "Fucking insensitive homeless lonely assholes..."

Do you see the irony of this comment?  Here this homeless man is saying you cannot do anything for the dead, but you can for the living, yet he is the insensitive one?  Callous by all means, he is, the creation of many different factors.  Insensitive possibly, given his situation, bare survival does strange things to people.  Making them cold is one thing, just the same, to proclaim someone who is homeless, struggling to survive is insensitive, while you do nothing to help them, and ignore their plight is hypocritical.  I hope he is done with that group, I know I would be.