Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Chruch What!?!

As some of you know I am assisting a charity that deals with an elderly couple who were fleeced over by the Church of God.  You will often here me tell people that this "religious organization" has threatened the family repeatedly, going as far as to play a role in getting their one safety net (their youngest son) fired from his job.  Long story short some member of that organization threatened one of his co-workers and it went sideways, and I am sure you can all figure out where it went.
I take all threats seriously, you must in this world.  Several decades ago people would posture, and the truth is, they were mostly bark but no bite.  Today, that is not the case, when someone threatens you listen.  You might elect to act as if you are ignoring it, but it is there lingering.  However, you are more inclined to listen to threats, when you start hearing more stories about a person or group.

When someone associated with the Church of God issues threats, I listen.  I listen because of what I have witnessed occur.  Members walking up to no members, threatening to murder them.  Members threatening to molest non-members children.  A member being assaulted in the church, with the preacher proudly proclaiming he had "punched the devil and knocked the devil's tooth out."  Wait... What was that....?  The pastor of the church proudly proclaimed that he had punched the devil, and knocked out a tooth?  Wow, just think about that for a moment.  They assaulted a member of the church, their church, one of their own, because they said he was possessed.  So what do you think they would do to people, who are not members, that are suing them in Federal Court?  

Yeah when they threaten, I listen, the son listens, the wife listens and they go into red alert.  Can you blame them?