Monday, January 13, 2014

He said What?

In a recent press release, President Obama promised the citizens of the United States that the previously mentioned, and feared by some, gun grab by the government forces has been put off until shortly after the 2016 presidential election.  He was quoted as saying, “We just have so many problems right now, with the Chemical Spill in West Virginia and two wars that I am forced to fight, that we just do not have the manpower to take all the guns that belong to all the citizens of the US.  We also want to focus more on the problems that lead to gun violence.”

For what it is worth, and I am sure most of us can understand the sentiment, there will be no gun grab in the near future.  In all seriousness, it would end the career of any politician associated with it.  They might be all for it, but I promise you their political career, and whatever happens after it will come before any gun grab that happens.

I am sorry, but there will be no gun grab in the next decade at least, it is just fear mongering, an attempt to create a false flag to run up the prices on guns and ammunition.  And guess who is benefiting from all this?  It is not the gun control crowd.  It is not the NRA.  The people who make the guns and ammunition silently sit back, laugh as people run in fear to the store, and buy more bullets, mags, and guns.  The NRA gets its kick back.  The anti-gun control crowd is driving the gun market, and they do not even realize they are.  Each time a politician steps up and say gun control, gun ban, mag limits, and some other thing, people run for the store to get more Magpul magazines, and Magpul sits back, watching the increase to their profit, while people like me shake our heads.  They are not coming for our guns, they are panicking people who fall for it into running the prices so high, many cannot afford them. 

I know you are saying New York City, Chicago, this place and that place.  You can just bide your time and leave that city or that state for somewhere you can do whatever you want.  In the meantime, stop falling for this stupid crap.  A national gun ban will likely never happen in my lifetime, possibly in the lifetime of children I will have.  There are too many hunters, too many guns here already (enough last I heard to supply every man, woman, and child of all ages at least one), it would cost too much money, and there are enough crazy people around who really believe they could fight off highly trained US Military personnel. 

This is something the gun nuts, gun control, and gun moderates like myself need to keep in mind when we get into this topic.  But I still have the hope that we will address the root cause for the problem, rather than the tool use most often.  Until we address a wide range of socioeconomic problems, such as poverty, abuse, bullying, mental illness, and other factors that set people up the become mass shooters, we will have these problems continue.  Which is really sad if you think about it, we are the richest nation in the world, yet we do not even care about our fellow man.  We dehumanize people, which creates an animal, and then we are appalled when they kill other people.  We blame a gun, a magazine, we blame the people who support this, or support that, we blame the people behind the gun (the shooter), but the truth is, gun owner or not we are all to blame for this.  Each and every person breathing in this country holds fault, and shifting the blame to something that is inanimate is a cop-out.  We allow people to be bullied, we allow people to slip through the cracks, we look down on the mentally ill, we look down at the poor.  We tell the bullied to man up or to grow up, to deal with it, and they do.  How many of these teenaged shooters manned up, they dealt with it is the worst possible way.  They got their power with a gun, they exercised that power with impunity, and what do we have to show for it?  The poor who have been kicked repeatedly are the same.  These people who are mentally ill get their hands on a gun, and they enforce their twisted mindset with it.  Until we address the problems, no amount of cure will help.