Thursday, January 23, 2014

Terri Schiavo Part II; It continues

In 2005, the torturous life of Terri Schiavo finally came to an end.  After the state and federal governments attempted to stick their foot in that door, kick it open, and basically force people who are brain dead from being removed from life support.  By most accounts she had been brain dead since 1991, and for the majority of that time her family fought every attempt to allow her to pass with some dignity.  The State of Florida passed unconstitutional law to force her husband to keep her artificially alive, the US Senate attempted a round about way to keep her under witness protection.

Along the way there were accusations of abuse by her husband, which were eventually disproved.  But today, nearly ten years after her passing we face another issue.  This situation is eerily familiar, this time the law is again interfering with the right of a family to remove a loved one from life support.  Not because the family is fighting it, but because this woman was pregnant before her injury.  Basically Texas, and at least 30 other states have a law on the books that prevent a hospital from removing, withdrawing or withholding life sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient.  Basically, if you are brain dead, but pregnant your body becomes an artificial incubator. 

That is not a pleasant thought.  Yes I am a man, but I am not entirely comfortable with that concept.  Really, anyone with a brain that functions, should not be comfortable with it.  I do not think I could comply with my wife's wishes, if she were to want to be left alive just to have a full term pregnancy.  I just cannot see myself doing it.  I will give some credit here to Texas, it has been relayed onto me that in this instance, this case, the state does not compel treatment.  If that is the case, it is the group that owns the hospital.  Any we all know it is not out of some moral obligation to protect life, it is to make money.  Pure greed as Larry Dixon said previously (It's Not God Talking).  The joys of for profit healthcare. 

Update:  It would appear that the courts of Texas have allowed life support to be removed from this young lady.  While I do not care for the way we remove people from live support, depending on what is still functioning within the body, it was a good call.