Monday, January 27, 2014

10 Most significant people in history

So Wikipedia has released a top ten list (so says a rag magazine), well it was December of last year, but hey, it gave me a chuckle when I saw it.  So here is their list with my thoughts, and my list.
Wikipedia list:

1. Jesus, who looks like Obi Wan Kenobi.  We have little, if any proof he actually existed outside the pages of the Bible.
2. Napoleon Bonaparte Yeah, I can agree to that, we bought most of the United States from him.
3. William Shakespeare  So many bodies of work are attributed to him, we all suffered through them in school.
4. Muhammad Well at least we have some proof that he existed.
5. Abraham Lincoln  The president who ordered all slaves freed.  He should be ranked higher on this list.
6. George Washington  The General who lead America to freedom from the British the first time.  Also the first president of the United States of America (he was actually the 10th president of America).
7. Adolf Hitler  Apparently no list is complete without a genocidal monster who ordered the extermination of almost 12 million people.
8. Aristotle One of the first and most important scholars and philosophers
9. Alexander the Great One of the greatest conquerors known to have existed.
10. Thomas Jefferson  Coauthor of the Constitution that we hold so dear.

My List:
10.  Obi Wan Kenobi.  I never said they had to be real people, but keep this in mind, the Jedi are a somewhat popular religion today.  We have Obi Wan, and Yoda to thank for it.
9.  Alexander the Great, just because he managed to conquer most of the known world in his time.  He also had a habit of showing some respect for the people he conquered, he allowed them to keep their traditions.
8.  Aristotle, just because he is the founder of philosophy, he influenced mankind for hundreds of years after his death.
7.  Sun Tzu, a mainstay of military supremacy.  Even today his work is studied by military leaders of the world.  If you have not read his work, you should.
6.  William Shakespeare, just because of the work attributed to him.  Like Sun Tzu, his work has stood the test of time, even if the movies suck.
5.  We have a tie here between Mozart and Beethoven, like the man they beat out, their musical creations have stood the test of time.
4.   Abraham Lincoln.  The man came into office in a era that was very divided. So divided in fact that the Union nearly dissolved over one issue, slavery.  He had some torturous choices to make.
3.  Barrack Obama.  Say what you will, like him or hate him, he is the first mixed race president we have ever had.  All others that came before him were white.
2.  Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Aka: FDR, The Socialist.  The only American president to start four terms in the highest office of the land.  The father or Social Security, along with the New Deal, and the guy who gave the green light for the Atomic Bomb.  Sure it is the cool thing to do to bash him, but say what you will, you don't get elected into office four straight terms if you aren't doing something right.
1.  Albert Einstein, the father or modern physics.  Even after all the minds trying to debunk Einstein, we still are forced to play by his rules of general relativity.  His theory predicted such things as black holes, and tells us that time travel might even be possible.  Stuff it dead zombie christian god, we can go back and check your story out.
1. Tesla.  Without his work, we would not have electricity to be using computers.  Tesla came after Edison in time (Tesla worked for Edison), but Tesla is still toying with us 70 years after he died.  Most of what we have learned Tesla figured out before us.  We are still trying to figure the man out, was he an insane genius? Or was he just insane?  Just going with insane genius, would have been something to have wireless electricity that was free, wouldn't it? 

The last three people listed here, were men before their times, or maybe they were in the right time, but we just did not see it.  Would any of these people listed here, have the same impact if they were here today?  I don't know, but some would have made a splash regardless.

A close runner up to this list will be Harry Houdini.  Yeah, you didn't see that one coming, but lets be honest, the man was just mythical in his escapes.  People died trying to recreate his feats, and even with that he amazed people until a sucker punch ruptured his appendix.  So notorious he was, he took time to debunk fake psychics and mediums, because one pissed him off.