Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So, this year for the State of the Union, we will have a message, nothing strange there.  We will have a rebuttal of what the President says, we will have a second rebuttal of what the president says, we will have yet another rebuttal of what the president says, and we will have Rand Paul.  Oh and someone apparently released their post State of the Union speech last week.. 

You know I often comment about beating a dead horse, but I got nothing on the conservatives if the US.  You guys keep beating the dead horse known as your political party, and now the pieces are falling off.  I take my shots at you guys, but its getting old, you cannot even defend your own insanity anymore.  It isn't fun when you can't fight back, its just stupid to continue to fight for the things you are, and you can't even think to defend what you say.

Anyway, I keep hearing between three and four rebuttals of one speech.  I am not talking about comments, I mean full blown responses of "You're killing mah country" speeches. 

So, the speakers list::

Last week, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  In his pre-buttal speech for the State of the Union, he demanded that Obama answer for the ACA, the NSA spying on citizens and allies deal (which Bush started) and a "variety of other issues."  Its all I got, other issues, I don't make enough from doing this to rot my own brain.  He also demanded an investigation into the IRS for political persecution, in a letter to Eric Holder.  I think he needs to worry about other things, like doing his job.

At 9pm tonight, President Obama.  It is rumored he will once again say we need to adjust the minimum wage, economic inequality, expanding pre-K, and other issues that face our nation.

Next we have Cathy Rogers (R-WA).  This will be the generic tow the line speech, rebutting everything the president says.  It might be interesting given the last few rebuttal speeches.  Hey she might jump up and call Obama a liar, and just go completely apeshite.

Finally we have Rand Paul (R-KY).  Can we call him a Republican anymore, he is like some Tea Party Nutcase Libertarian Party member.  RPNLPM, bah, we will just call him a Republican, its easier.  Anyway, he will push for more jobs ... more low paying jobs, that sounds about right, lower taxes, and some other things.

Wait, someone is missing on the list.  That's right Mike Lee (R-UT).  I always forget the teabaggers.  Anyway yeah he will giving yet another rebuttal speech which will be towing the whacked out teanut message.  I expect to hear Mormon, Gay Marriage bad, low taxes, and lazy bums who are unemployed comments.  Just as entertaining will be the likely hood of him foaming from the mouth with rabid obsession, before failing down in a fit of convulsions.