Monday, January 27, 2014

The Mind Games People Play

One thing that drives me up the closest wall is when people play mind games with me or others.  Look, if you have a problem with someone, just be honest about it.  There is no need to screw with peoples minds, if you have something to say, say it, just spill the beans.

No, people would rather play mind games, a mental screwing, which damages the person in a little or major way.  Yeah, this is a rant, I am tired of people playing head games with each other.  People who act like they are a friend, but only seek to control and use you as the punchline of a joke. 

This is the problem, so many people get their kicks out of screwing with people.  Hey I am going to be nice while you are standing right here, but man when you turn your back I am going to plunge a knife so far into your back, you are going to look like the first person to die in a bad horror flick.  People do it every day, and then they wonder why someone comes unhinged.  They wonder why people flip out, why they just randomly decide that they want to become a contrary hateful person.

Then the mind games really start.  People then just become cruel to them, never taking into account that "Hey, we made this", others come along and only see this contrary hateful person, and cannot understand why they are that way.

This is as bad as bullying, well, in my book it is no different than bullying someone.  It is tormenting them in a psychological way.  It is setting them up to blow up, in the worst kinds of way.  Not like bullies are above that anyway, it is just a tool in their work belt of how to mess someone up, and skate on it.

You know, some people all most constantly gripe about my temperament, how I instantly swing to the negative aspect of nearly everything.  It hurts less to do that, when someone says "I will help you", I assume I am on my own, why?  Because, when I assume that I am on my own, I am prepared for what the worst possible outcome is.  If they do help, and many have, I am pleasantly surprised by their actions. 

People say trust me, and it sends up read flags, why?  Because, when someone says that, those two words, it means that they likely cannot be trusted.  And that is the real tragedy.  People are so willing to say things, and do nothing.  Mustaine said it best when he wrote "Trust".  Trust hurts.  It is true, and trust takes effort, it takes work to build, but while it means so much to many, it means nothing to more.