Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time to let the water Rise?

Is it time for people like me to let the water rise, and wash the poor dead beaten horse away?  Nope, I am going to keep beating that poor dead animal until people start listening to me.  It is not just me, its people who share my political, and economic views.  But here we are, beating the dead horse of regulation once again. 
So, as I was scrolling down my Facebook wall I see the normal things; religion, politics, a cloud of radioactive material moving towards drinking water, more on the Supreme Court Ruling against the FCC...  Wait, a cloud of radioactive material moving towards drinking water.  Well, I live in West Virginia, we are kind of distracted about the spill involving chemicals for cleaning coal from a tank that was last inspected when I was in the fourth grade, and people were in Iraq, the first time we were in Iraq (still around 250,000 people without useable water).  So, as I was looking down at the good news for the gay men and women of the nation, the typical conservative liberal brawl, I see this post from Kimberly Rak:

Well that's just great.....

Yeah, I am curious about this, so I click on the link to the news article.  Read it for a moment and reach for my stick, time to get to work beating the dead horse again.  Ironically, or horrifically depending on where you are living, this happened the same day as the West Virginia spill. Anyway, I was waiting for the deregulation kick to start, but it never did, this story has barely even made the news.  Yeah I did some digging, and found very little about it.  So here is the problem, while the site where this radioactive toxic waste is stored is within the regulations, however, now that a problem has been created, the water in that area is useless, as it fails the standard for safe drinking water, and we are told that private wells were tested and came back clean (yeah, I have a hard time trusting a company that let something get out to be honest).  So, how did this radioactive Tritium (basically Hydrogen) get out, I heard leaks and storage facility?  So, anything could have gone wrong.  Otherwise we don't know, or at least it was never stated.  To early to beat that horse just yet.  Anyway, this stuff when it comes into contact with oxygen creates radioactive water. 

But never fear, it only increases the chances of you developing cancer, should it enter your body.  I mean the EPA says it is one of the least dangerous radionuclides, given a specific amount of intake.  Anyway, this is about it for me.  We need regulations that are actually enforced, not some pretty little sign on the wall that is nothing more than a list of rules.  Business be damned, if the employees or consumers are sick or dead, it kind of kills the business anyway.