Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This is an open letter to all Christians:

An open letter written by a supporter of the Richardson Family, and the charity which is attempting to help them.

This is an open letter to all Christians:

I being and old Jewish woman; I do not understand you.  I do not understand the hate you have in your hearts. I do not understand how you say you believe in Jesus when you do the things you do.  On the path God has placed me on over the past year I have talked to many a Christian, and I found out many things.  So, I am posting this to find out if it was just the ones I talked to, or if in fact all Christians are the same.  I hope I find that you are not all that way. My father told me about Christians, he told me to never trust them.  Now that was up front, right out the door, but that was the way he was.  That was over 50 years ago, and I thought he was rather hard on you folks, but over the years, I kept my distance.  Then I met my husband of over 30 years, and he was a southern Baptists boy. Well he had his belief and I had mine all was well; the children learned both and they could make up their own minds. So that brings me to the story, and I HOPE YOU ALL READ IT. In our 70 plus years we went to buy our last home, and it was from a church, you can read the law suit  at http://ricahrdsoncharity.webs.com/about-the-family or https://picasaweb.google.com/117543969151195680769/Lawsuit#slideshow/5953612484657873506 .   

You need to understand their pastor, he thinks as many of his followers do that he is a prophet of god.  Therefore, he is above the law. His bishop he is a bigger prophet now.  This church is based out of Tennessee.  Yes, they are a large church, but they are not prophets of God, they rob the old and they molest the children.  The thing I do not understand is why the Christians, seem to be cool with what they are doing. Have they for gotten the teaching of JESUS. YOU FOLKS HAVE YOUR 10 GOLDEN RULES, I have 165 golden rules.  But if I knew another Jew had wronged someone or was harming a child, for the molester his calling would be jail. As for the robbing the old I would do whatever I could for them.  I would also do everything I could to send the offenders to jail.  Then again, that is just what I would do, but all the Christians that know the story seem to say nothing.  I wonder what Jesus would do. I guess he would just say sorry about your luck and the children well they will get over it.  Everyone talks about the Catholics’, but know they have done no more or less than this church.  There is a blog that covers some of this you may enjoy reading at http://jstephenstheworks.blogspot.com/. 

The last place I am sending you to some people are trying to get a heater for the tent http://www.gofundme.com/6353mw.  That is right the 70 year old people now live in a tent.  Yes that is their new home you see all that hard work over the years.  There is not any social net to help them, as for me; well I do give them food every now and then when I can pay for their medications if they run short.  I pray all you Christians who do follow through and read all of this will help the old folks as well.  At least they have not had to eat cat food in the last few weeks and that is a start.  Friend of the old folks