Monday, January 6, 2014

Just a Day

Been busy today, deep freeze prepping.  Apparently Global Climate change is real, and we now have polar vortexes gripping the nation.  You know what I see a lot of today, as I look at my facebook wall?  I see a lot of pictures of animals covered in snow, frozen.  It is sad when people have such disregard for an animal.  They feel, the bleed just as we do.  What is even worse than an animal weathering a storm outside...  Yeah, that is cold, sadly we felt it best to remove the location, due to some threats made against the individuals (guess some of my rants have incurred some wrathful thoughts).

What many people are not looking at, for as cruel as it is to leave a pet outside, there are people weathering this in tents, cars, and anything else they can find.  Is it really right that we ask these people to forsake their pets?  Is it right that people live like this in weather like we are seeing now, just because they do not want to abandon their pets, or drop them at a shelter?

You know its cold and snowing heavily when snow gathers on a tent that has heat.  Really, these people need to be in a house, but even a camper ranks better than a tent.  If Utah, and other places can do something about this, what is the malfunction preventing other states from doing it?  The problem is homelessness is not seen as a problem, it is seen as something that does not affect others, or it is a personal choice.  Sure, I will agree that some people would rather not have a home that we view as traditional, but people should not be forced to live in a tent.