Monday, December 30, 2013

Frozen Lines

Shared Via The Richardson Family Charity (Frozen Lines)

So yesterday morning the Richardson family awoke to a slight issue with their tent.  Over the previous week the weather had been cold, cold enough to freeze the water line.  It then warmed up slightly as the rainfall started peppering the tent, and all was well, until they woke up, and found the tent flooded.  Thinking that they had water rolling off the roof then under the tent they attempted to dry the water up, until they stepped outside and heard water running. 

Newtown Report

So after a year of investigating, gathering evidence, and all round wondering why, the report has finally been finished.  I would say that at a thousand pages, it should give us a great deal of insight into this tragedy.  First, I found it disturbing that the shooter (I refuse to use his name) hated his mother, and Sandy Hook Elementary school.  I wonder why, but that is quickly answered, as it was also stated that he resented his mother because he "felt" that she loved those children more than she loved him.  I doubt that is the case, but one never really knows.  I could do many evil things, but my mother would still love me, even if she hated what I did.  It was said by one of his teachers that he was obsessed with death, destruction and war. 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

38 places.

The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth. For Some Reason, I Can't Look Away...

Some of these places look very interesting, not because they are haunted, but the fact of the pictures.  Haunting and beautiful at the same time.  Some of these you will see the name and wonder, WTF where they thinking.

The Second Bill of Rights

Franklin Roosevelt
I know many people will consider this as a moment to freak out, but listen to what he said.  He was advocating for the United States to move into a period where people did not suffer.  Not a society where everything was free, but a society in which one did not need worry about food and shelter, a place where people could work, earn a wage that afforded them a decent life, where they could have a decent home (not a mansion).  I know its a pipe dream right now, with the political landscape being as it is.  But one could hope we will move past this current mindset, to something better.

A rock version of Vivaldi's Winter movement.

A pretty good cover version of Vivaldi's Winter movement.  It is good to see classical music getting some attention again.

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Mine Wars

I have a love of history.  I enjoy reading it, I enjoy hearing about it, I enjoy watching it.  Among other things I enjoy collecting relic "Mil-Surp" rifles, you know the old service rifles of various armies of the world.  I am sure some of these guns you find roaming around the internet can tell you there is nothing like holding an old Mosin, or M1 Garand.

Social Safety nets and the story

Shared Via The Richardson Family Charity (

It has been asked recently, why do the Richardson's and their son don't go to the welfare office.  There are safety nets in place to ensure people like the Richardson family do not spend their lives living in a tent.  Their son, does not have any children, therefore he does not qualify for social aid.  Mr. and Ms. Richardson earn too much money. See the problem is that social welfare is based on your income, and how many children you have.  So when you have no children, or income beyond a specific point, you do not get aid.  You fall through the holes of social aid.  Sure Mr. Richardson has his social security; he has his retirements from his previous employment, but that income places him outside of the range for other social programs.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome to the Animal Farm

As I mentioned at one time I was a farmer, and I would love to go back to it, except horses and sheep.  Horses because they are every bit as stubborn as a donkey, and sheep because they are stupid.  But as I sit here, I figured it would be good to go back over the old days, and add some pictures.

The Obituary of Common Sense

We are mourning the loss of a beloved old friend who recently passed away. His name was Common Sense. Common Sense lived a long life but died in the United States from a vicious contagious disease.

A letter to our Representitives in Washington

Please feel free to read this, add your own comments to it, insert any suggestions, print it with your senators name, mail it if you agree or want to. If you disagree, your comments are welcome.  Also feel free to correct any grammatical errors, since I cant spell to save my own ass, and I often make stupid typos.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Charity and Donation

You know charity is something that we can all sink our teeth into; however, there is a glut of charities, so much need, and so little money.  Today we have become confused about charity, everyone assumes that you have to give money for a charity to be effective, we see on television advertisements for the ASPCA, or some other charity dealing with feeding children somewhere else.  People give to these charities, and that is fine.  Really the truth is, one not always give money to be charitable, much to the dismay of these agencies.  What do you think would occur if you called the ASPCA up and said, hey, I would rather adopt a pet?  Alternatively, call up one of these charities that deal with children in a third world nation and say the same thing, I think I would rather adopt a child from that country.  Guess what, they will likely give you a song or dance about being able to do so much more for the child there, but not here.  In other words, give us money and trust us.

Ford, and no bailout.

For those who are curious I drive a Ford.  It is not something that I do by choice, it was the right price, and it was a long way to get where I am today with the truck I have now.  I have previously owned 2 F-150 trucks, all three have had major tire issues, at least with the last it is only an abnormal wearing pattern.  However, I hear people roast GM and Chrysler over taking bailouts from the government, they roast the government for bailing these two companies out, but the truth is, it should have been Ford needing the bailout.  I had two bad trucks out of them in several years, shoddy customer service on all three, and the trucks are just bad, with the newest one being decent at best.  Eventually Ford thought it best to take back the previous trucks, and they did attempt to make it right with me, but I had to threaten to spill the beans on exactly what they were selling and to some extent, I did.  I actually started a petition to force Ford to make whole all individuals who had the following problems with their 2004-2009 F-150s, and any vehicles with the following problems, failed radiators, severe rusting problems, broken and or seized spark plugs, and failed cam-phasers (which afflicted around a quarter of their 5.4l 3v V8 engines).


I have remained largely silent about the whole Phil Robertson deal.  In addition, really, while this post is related to some of what he said, I don’t want to rehash Duckgate 2013, but I do want to discuss the topic.  Recently, some people have been curious as to why I am the person I am.  To skip the nature versus nurture argument (I had enough of it in Psych class, and it is both), I have seen many things in my life, and many of them are not that pleasant.

Church Fleeces the Elderly and Molests Children. Part 2

            The family, unlike others, and myself do not want to sue the church; everyone suffers in that scenario except those who told the parents to do this work.  It is not fair to the congregation to suffer for the actions of their leaders; the members of the congregation may or may not have been aware of what was happening.  I met the son and wife as they were attempting to shame the Church of God into repaying the money this man fleeced from the parents, and the only progress they have made is as follows: 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Church Fleeces the Elderly and molests children. Part 1

            This is something that I have been sitting on for a while now.  More information about this will follow shortly, but for the time being this is the beginning of the story.

An Introduction. What I am about.

Good day everyone, I thought it best to start a new blog with a little information about myself.  I am an on again, off again blogger.  I never did quite apply myself to any one thing for any length of time.  I find it surprising that I managed to get out of college with Bachelor’s Degrees in three fields, but in my pathetic nature, I applied myself as much as was required, which afforded me a good overall GPA, but something that most would consider lackluster for me.