Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Meaning Behind "The Works"

A thought occurred to me as I was responding to a thread on a another social media account.  I feel that I should have, from day one explained why I chose the name "The Works" for this blog.  Its not overly religious.  Its not religious at all.  The Works, as it stands is meant as a call to arms for like minded people.  People who want to see an end to poverty, homelessness, bigotry.  It is a sounding board of sorts where people can share their ideas, and as a means of spreading the ideas of the contributors and commentators (those who leave contents).

Sure The Works has a natural religious meaning, religious people call their deeds of faith their works.  They consider spreading the word of God as their works, and they are wrong in that.  I chose to use "The Works" as it meant, with faith, love and charity being two different things.  We the contributors here agree that ending poverty, racism and bigotry in all forms, and homelessness in all forms is the purpose of our work here.  Even if we cannot do this alone, even should we fail, it is worthwhile to make entries here.  We are not so naive to believe that a single blog can change the world, but we can change one mind, we can create an environment where one person starts thinking about what they can do.  If one person does something, anything, we give another a chance to do the same.  With enough people doing something about these problems, they will be fixed.  Along the way, we will rant, we will rage, we will use humor or satire, and we will likely offend or show our own intolerance for specific groups, we will be human.  Full of the faults that all people have.  But we try, we struggle forward, we rage against the gears of the machine, in every way we can. 

In a way, I guess this is a form of faith.  Our works are based on our faith in humanity to learn, and grow, to change from the ignorant path it has chosen, to become more.

It is what we do, it is who we are, it is the ugly work that must be done for us to move forward as a race.  The human race.