Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My reaction to Rand Paul and Mike Lee

I was going to do each of these separately, but given the 10 minute blerp from Rand Paul, yeah I think I can sum up their two speeches that rebuttal Present Obama's State of the Union.
Rand Paul.  Basically, he just said government is bad.  More government is really bad, and he blamed Obama for the bailouts, forgetting Bush and a host of previous presidents have also bailed out businesses.  Hypocrite much Mr. Paul?  Anyway he later asserts that this last round of bailouts cost the government $400,000 per job created, and I had to fact check that.  Turns out it is somewhat true, but most of the sources I found on the subject that they cannot accurately measure this outcome, we have no way of knowing if how effective it was in a real sense.  We know it was effective, it created jobs, but without being as reaching as it was, we just do not know.  We also learned that depending on the type of spending, we get better results.  Sometimes you just have to throw money at a problem and see what works.  Its a piss poor way of doing things, but with a massive problem like we encountered, you are stuck.  So, apparently government cannot create jobs (Just ignore stuff like the TVA).  Only free market capitalism can.  Oh and it is also debatable about government being stupid.  I guess that includes Mr. Paul, and his father.  He then quotes Freedman, and states that "nobody spends your money the same way you do" as a means to rail against taxes, and government spending.  He has something there.  I don't appreciate nearly half of my tax dollars going to the military.  Just saying, I think it is better served in education, healthcare, infrastructure...  So then he goes on to reference Star Parker, I am not familiar with her, but I did some searching, and found little of the story Paul told, but Salon apparently knew of her, and I was introduced to one of the most hateful people I have ever seen in my life, and that says a lot.  He talks about how she screwed over the welfare system, worked for cash under the table, this was after she found Jesus... Okay, going to move on...  Oooo.. Economic Free Zones...  What are these EFZs...  In these zones income and employment taxes will be 5%.  Really, in places like Kentucky, and West Virginia he is going to cut federal taxes to 5%, like we don't have enough deficit problems?  Regulations will be killed...  WTF?!?  We just had two chemicals spilled into the water here in West Virginia, and he wants to remove regulations to protect us?  And he thinks people are going to be willing to work jobs in an environment where the area is toxic to live in?  And parents get to choose what their kids are taught!?!??!  Great so we will have fewer educated kids running around this state, I'm sorry but education around here isn't that important to begin with.  Why not open up some sweat shops already.  Oh god... A Titanic reference.  IS he not aware that we have been playing his game for 32 years, and guess what, his game is what caused this mess.  His answer, give more money to businesses who have been shipping jobs and money overseas.  He is still railing for lower taxes and no regulations.  Oh hard work and sweat inspire, helping th poor only traps them.  America has greatness in her, and we must believe in the founding fathers and the documents they crafted for America to thrive once again.  It got quiet (I am listening to it as I am typing)...  Its over.

Okay Mike Lee's Response:
Oh another short one.  He is targeting the independents.  SO he starts out with people standing up against a dysfunctional government.  Good, good, except his side is part of the problem.  Large government bad.  See I called it.  At this point he is revising history, yeah, alright you might not know this, but the majority of Americans were entirely pissed off at the British in the 1770's.  See we have a history of the minority getting what it wants.  So, we are still talking about history.  And now he is railing against the presidents policies, while keeping a positive focus.  And now he says the American Dream is falling out of reach for many Americans.  No shit, I blame Reagan, but he says it is Obama, who is paying "Lip service" to it.  Wow, he has some balls, corporate and political cronyism of the richest class, that twists the power of the government.  Yes, finally someone said it.  Now, lets hear his answer to fixing this.  I want his plan.  "To be fair Obama and the Democratic Party did not cause all these problems" holy shit, the pod people invasion has begun.  There is a penalty for getting married, and having kids.  Funny, I have tax records that indicate otherwise, as a single adult male, without and bastard kids roaming the planet, I pay more for just about everything.  Oh inequality is to blame for jobs not opening up, except the Republicans do the same thing with oil companies, and they are pissed that their gravy train is coming to an end.  I should have known abortion would have come up, yeah those fetuses don't have equality either.  Forget about women who make .77 cents less an hour for the same job a man does, forget about people like +Larry Dillon who would love to get married to his lover, but hey the people should be able to define marriage as they want per state.  6 of 10 richest communities are around Washington DC.  I guess so, with 500+ millionaires living around DC, working in DC.  He acknowledged that the Republican Party (that he is a part of) is part of the problem, someone grab him, we need to check for that little thing on his neck.  Plans, plans, plans, but doesn't really say what they are.  Okay reform welfare and corporate welfare.  Real reform for healthcare, that control costs and provide better care.  Lets hear it, but alas, its still in the planning stages.  Protest into progress.  If you work hard, play fair, and blah blah blah, you will not be forgotten.  More empty promises.  He is right, together we can create the government we want, one that protects the interests of the people, not the corporations, one that ensures our environment is protected, that people like Larry can have the same rights I do as a straight man.  To ensure that I am not killed in my home by a rabid group of christians or muslims because I am Jewish, or bounced off to prison for defending myself with lethal force, just because I am a poor Jewish man. 

So there you have it, the three rebuttals from the Republican party.  Of all of them, Mike Lee had the best outing and even that was a trip through insanity.  Sadly, I just don't see this party being around much, it is grasping at straws, but in a weak nearly dead way.  They are being hypocritical at best, and the sad thing is, people will fall for it.  Paul throwing in with a black woman who scammed the system, and now equates it to slavery, while she bashes the gay community.  Mike Lee, proclaiming that marriage equality should be dictated by the people.  If equal treatment for minorities had been left to the states, it would not have changed.  If equality for women had been left to the states, it would have never changed.  But the problem is, those problems haven't changed much to begin with.  Keep voting for the GOP, the zombie, and we will be in the dark ages again, following their zombie god.