Sunday, January 26, 2014

Give me money....

Seems like we have a glut of people screaming give me money, give me money.   Last night, as I was sleeping I was awoke to the sound of a channel with its very own preacher telling people to give them $273 dollars, a seed of money.  Among the thing I heard was a man and woman (going to assume it was a husband and wife) were having financial difficulties, yet they gave the money, and within moments won $25,000.  That would be pretty amazing, except that is how odds and statistics work.
Anyway, many of these groups take from the poor, the desperate, those who are in need, with the promise that if you give genuinely God will repay you.  What happens when someone gives the last little bit of money, and nothing happens?  Was their gift not genuine enough?  The guy recommended putting it on our credit cards, hey why pay now when you can pay later.  See where I am going with this?

Yes, I work for a charity, I am a "man of the cloth" but I do not, will not go to the lengths most of these people will go just for paper.  Sure I can do that, it is well within my mindset to take advantage of people who are suckers enough to give me their last dollar (yeah that is something picked up when you are concerned with surviving), but it would make me no better, if nothing else worse than groups like those.  People who will steal from people, using the promise of God.

No.  I would rather tell you the truth of it, I would rather say, this person or family needs help.  If you have it to give, great you will be doing ~insert list here~ for them.  If you don't I kindly ask you to look at the information, and if you find it acceptable, spread the word of the charity.  Pass the buck along, pay it forward, whatever you want to call it. 

The problem is, people do not work for altruistic means.  Somewhere along the line there is a reward.  For me, it is knowing that I helped someone, for the people who give "because God", well they are waiting to buy their way into heaven, or under the false belief that God will help them.  For everyone here, when you give, take note that when you give to a secular charity, you can have the knowledge that you tried your best to help someone, and that means more to any Deity you may worship, than it does when you support a preacher who does nothing more than preach.

I also want to talk about poor Job.  As we all know from the bible Job was tested by the Satan and God, in a bet of sorts.  What escapes many people is it was not really a test of Job.  Sure if you accept the telling in the bible, that man went through pure hell, but people fail to look at the larger picture.  In a way the Satan won that bet.  Not because Job renounced God, but because those around Job, did nothing to assist him when his life fell apart.  He was questioned as to why he did not renounce God?  If I could ask, why did his neighbors not help him?  If you think about this critically, the whole scope of most religions say help your neighbors, if they deserve it or not, if you know them or you do not. 

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