Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sleaze that crosses the aisle

I'm watching the news. Of course most of the news was like yesterday and the day before..Chris Christie.
This blog post isn't about slamming on the Guido 
Also heard a lot about ultra-sound McDonnell and his indictments
This blog post isn't about slamming the GOP either though
Remember our good democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich who tried to sale Obama's senate seat?
Yeah sleaze crosses party lines

Here's my problem. I believe in a socialistic society. I'm not a commie and I enjoy my personal liberties as well but I do think we accomplish greater and more powerful things working as a collective rather than individuals separately. To do big grand things requires a big government and we see from my first paragraph that can be corrupt.

Here's my thought. I want to borrow some analogies from our conservative friends

Ya know how its not the gun that is problem but the crazy shooter. How we shouldn't blame the destruction of society on the firearm but the person behind the trigger. How a gun is just fine and serves a purpose in the hands of a responsible gun owner

I say government is not the problem but the immoral politicians. I say we shouldn't blame the destruction of society on government but the politicians cutting illegal deals. I think a government work fines and is beneficial in the hands of a responsible electorate 

Another analogy.

Regulation stifles growth and ties the hands of the market

We need to regulate politicians. Not government (we the people are the government,which is why we should never drown ourselves). Regulate, place stringent checks and balances on politicians, eliminate outside corporate money interest(VAPORIZE CITIZENS UNITED),crystal clear transparency a must. What will that accomplish?
It will stifle politicians and tie their hands forcing them to function and preform as we the people have elected them to do not for individual gain and profit 


SOLUTION "Independent Redistricting"

I am a dreamer. I believe humanity is greater than its mere numbers. I do not believe we are simply cogs in a machine but we are the very power source that fuels our society and world.

I think mankind can do great big things. I think it requires dreaming and planning on a great big scale. People will have to be placed in positions of power to accomplish the great big task...we the people must keep a great big hand on the throat of those people so they never make the mistake of thinking they are in control. If they resist "our control".....well resistance is futile