Sunday, January 19, 2014

God on Facebook

For some months I have been trying to get this gentleman's attention, mostly to see if he can help me draw attention to one of the various charities I work with.  Due to the limitations of Facebook, how it limits who can see what when you post it, in an effort to make money, blogging here, and helping spread the charity The Richardson Charity, I just do not have the mojo to get it done by myself, I am forced to ask others to help spread the word, but it does get old, people have other things to do.  

Anyway, I am trying to catch up with him, to have a friendly discussion about this mess I am trying to help people out of, and if you have the time (religious or not) you should check him out, he is a funny guy, and I find that God would likely conduct himself in the same manner when dealing with people (God).  Anyway, I am plugging him, because he really wants to help people, much as I do.  Unlike myself, he has the following to do it.

And that is the problem, why so many people fail at what I am trying to do.  I do not have the resources to draw people into the fold.  I do not have the influence to draw a crowd to this blog, to the websites, and go fund me accounts, to make that initial leap from obscure blogger and loud mouth, to a force of nature that compels people to listen to those who are here, and myself.  And you know that is fine, if I can help a small group of people, that would be great, but I want to help as many people as I can in this short time I have.  Sorry, I am really sappy, I think that Pay it Forward is a great movie, and it is something that we should strive for.  If I could do it, and never be thanked, remain a faceless person, I would be ecstatic.  That is the way it should work, a face in the crowd randomly drops money into a blind or homeless persons pan, and walks away without being noticed. 

I saw a post on my Facebook feed about a man looking for the man who stopped him from committing suicide.  In a way, I hope he finds what he is looking for, but I am sure that the man who he is looking for, does not want the thanks, he is content to know that on that day, he stopped someone from killing himself.  I want to be that man, the one who knows that he has helped someone, and remains anonymous.  Leave the fanfare for the stars.  The actors, athletes, and musicians, they can have the fame and the glory.  Me, I just want a quiet life, with just enough influence to get things done, but that requires help.  If every person who reads this, posted it in their social media accounts, it would eventually take hold.  It would be the influence needed to make the change.

Like minded people must band together.  We must support each other.  We must combine our voices to force the changes we need.  Or else everything is pointless.