Thursday, December 31, 2015

Preachers on a Plane

So, since it is looking more and more like John Boy is going to be absent for a while, looks like some of us are going to need to keep the home fires burning for the man. While I am not as keen on daily upkeep, I cannot just sit by and do zero. So, in spirit of making the man have some joy, I have recently encountered something three out of four bloggers here have ranted about. So, as your New Year ranting, I present “Snakes on a...” I mean, “Preachers on Private Planes”.

Say what you will about some of the movies Jackson has stared in, I mean some of them have been real dives, the man does try his best, and makes for some entertaining moments. But we are not talking about Mr. Jackson, talented as he is. We are talking about preachers and their seemingly endless need for moar.

More cars, more planes, bigger churches, larger homes. For what Joel Osteen has alone (one single house at least), I could probably house 50 or more families. So, as I sit here, scrapping by, like so many others in this existence (at this point its not even a life), I hear about the preacher men, businessmen of souls, and their faith stagnating because they cannot buy the latest greatest plane to fly the friendly sky to play a round of golf while laughing at their shee... I mean congrigation.

While these people are steadily gathering a small fortune there are still people who are homeless, going hungry, living subhuman lives right here in the US. Look at how John lived for several years of his life. Look at how his parents lived side by side with him. Take your time and scroll back over the last few years on this blog, I can wait on you.

All done? That ladies and gentlemen happens everyday in the US. John and his were lucky at least, no police coming around to destroy his tent and site. But we have this kind of thing going on, and we have preachers lamely attempting to justify their extravagant lifestyle. Oh sure to them its because they need their personal time to commune with the Almighty himself, it is what they claim anyway. They say that it is unfitting of men of the cloth to be locked in a long tube with a bunch of demons.

Yeah, all those mobs of people begging you to pray for them for help, or pray with them so they can get help, that is such a burden for them. They are liars and hypocrites you see. I do not care how cold hearted you are or have become when you have to stand face to face with the haunted eyes of someone struggling to just exist, it takes a toll on you.

So, private jets mean they can take off from a private airfield, no dealing with fans, people in need, or us demons of the sky. We cannot pester them to ask for help, ask for a prayer, to ask for anything, they cut themselves off so they can live without the guilt of what they have and are doing. Meanwhile people suffer needlessly.

Yes, life is pain, experience is suffering. Little in life is free, and life certainly is not always fair. But at some point we as a species need to step back and say, enough. Life is not always fair, but we should be examining just how unfair it is. In my mind, to use the Almighty as a means to bilk people out of millions of dollars is outright criminal. You see, these mega church pastors have forgotten that clergy are supposed to be of the people, teachers as it is.

They teach, others listen. What we have now are preachers who preach prosperity. Poverty is not because of poor education, poor socioeconomic starts in life. Poverty is a curse that is easily dispelled by giving to them, positive outlooks, positive speech and some other odds and ends. Well, I agree poverty is a curse, the curse of human greed and ignorance.

Well, at any rate, these jokers need to really step back and evaluate their standing. You see, while they get rich off the masses, some people are getting wise to their act. For every plane they buy, someone goes without decent shelter. They have failed to see that they are doing more damage to their so called faith. Then again, they probably do see what they are doing, but they are blinded by their God. Money is God in this new world, and praying will not make more of it for you.

Their greed will eventually be their undoing, maybe. In the meantime, those who insist on giving to these buzzards should take a step back and realize the following:
  1. Giving to those in need never returns any money. You do not get back 10 times in terms of cash. You get back the feeling of trying to help others.
  2. When you give to a prosperity preacher at the head of a mega church, you are not doing anything to help those you think you are. You are merely lining his or her pockets. You do not believe me, try to gain access to one (try facebook, twitter, any other social media or email you can find) and ask them to help. I will be more than happy to place a beat on that. More money to me.
  3. All these leeches do is use you for money, and at the end of the day they sucker you into feeling better about being in the same exact position you were in when you woke up. Well, not the same exact position, you will be missing a few dollars, but you standard of living will not have increased at all. Even a month later you will be no better off for what you gave them. If anything, you might well be pulling up short on the bills (good thing I recommended number 2 to you first right?).

Happy New Year, and do not let the terrorists get you, God only knows they are going on about them on the news.