Friday, January 24, 2014

Fox News....

We don't report the news, we create it.  Fairly unbalanced.  So yesterday I noticed a original post on my news feed on Facebook about Glenn Beck.  You might remember him from his time on Fox News.  The man could cry at the drop of a hat, he towed the conservative line, polarized that segment of the population.  I never liked him much, I still do not like him.  It is not a reflection of the man, but his stance, where he worked, and what he said and did while there.

Ultimately it seems, he is not entirely happy with his body of work while there.  I find it interesting that now he is showing a bit of remorse for his actions.  Well maybe not remorse, but he does indicate that he played a role in the divisions in this nation.  He focused too much on the problems, rather than what we could come together with.  His exact words were:

“I remember it as an awful lot of fun and that I made an awful lot of mistakes, and I wish I could go back and be more uniting in my language,” Glenn said poignantly. “I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart, and it’s not who we are.”
Take it for what it is, maybe it is his way of apologizing, maybe not.  It seems that in the past year he has fallen on the sword many times, reversed course on what he had previously stated.  Maybe, just maybe we should be a little less harsh on people.  We tend to act accordingly when money is on the table, and maybe he was doing it all for the money.  Hellfire and brimstone sells, all one needs to do is look at the statistics for any website or blog.  The more hellfire and brimstone the post, the more it gets viewed.

Anyway, I am now going to proceed to bash Fox News.  They do not report the news, they create it, they openly mislead, and slant the news, and subject people to it, without realizing just how biased it is. So here is the Fox News Year in review... Wait... There was an average of nearly 2 a month, and well, I am not going to list them all.  Most I am willing to do is pick 12.

12.  Santa is White.  I had to laugh, as he has only been white since Santa merged with the Norse God Odin.  Before that, he was Mediterranean, and I do believe that includes the man the legend is based from who was Turkish.  This goes to Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly.

11.    Brain Kilmeade asked a Nicaraguan co-host if she grew up on Tacos.  Seriously?  Talk about stereotyping someone.

10.  The Government Shutdown is the Government Slim down?   Alright, I can kinda buy that, I mean the entire government did not shut down.  I guess this is a case of 1/80th is better than nothing.

09.  So Fox decided to run a story about "traditional marriage", everything was cool.  Slight problem, they used a picture of a gay couple.  I can only shake my head. +Larry Dillon might have some added comments, but still, fact check people, fact check.

08.  You want to talk about hatred.  I mean, I d not like Zimmerman, I think he is an asshole idiot.  But to try to get his brother to rail against the president is taking it far.  Wait, Jamie Colby tried seven times.  Seven times, are you kidding me?  Seven times...

07.  Alright.  A shirk said that he thought Obama was victimized by his parents and was taking it out on America....   I will not profess to be an expert in much, but victimized children generally do not go into politics, and when they do, they don't go far.  They tend to implode, they cannot take constant abuse from constituents, media, other politicians..

06.  Another twofer.  So, Fox ranted about Rap being this evil horrible issue.  I can see that.  Then a Fox host raps about Jay Z And Beyonce.  Now that is just being hypocritical.  I mean.. I...  Forget it.  Lets just get this over with.

05.  Bill Cunningham a guest told host Tamara Holder "You shut up.  Know your role and shut your mouth."?  WTF was he channeling The Rock?  Did we mistakenly tune into Raw during the Attitude Era of wrasslin?  Okay, this is just getting old.  What is getting old is this company is still rating number one in viewers.

04.  Bill O'Reilly said that "TV news had morphed into propaganda."  Well, at least he did something right.  But still, the irony of it coming from one of the top propaganda sources in the United States, and people agreed, but said not Fox is just insanity.

03.  Sean Hannity reversing course on the whole NSA surveillance deal.  Yeah it was all right when a white conservative christian was in the White House, but its a bad evil thing now.  I mean FFS people, how can you watch this drivel?  Its like once every two weeks they spew some nonsense.  Some insane crap, and you lap it up like its milk that's going out of style.  I can't do this anymore.  This entry doesn't pay enough for the mental rot and degradation that I am subjecting myself to.  Forget it.  I'm done.  If you want the list, just Google Fox Fail list for 2013.