Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why do they insist on talking?

So just when we think it is safe to turn on the cable media, the internet, or pick up a newspaper or magazine...

A Republican opens their mouth, or gets caught in the bathroom soliciting a male prostitute for sex.  Okay, to be fair, Michele Bachmann only opened her mouth.  I would say we are lucky to not have to deal with her after this next election cycle, but nope, history will be sitting here to kick my backside when I pass Faux Noise and see her sitting on air.  Wait, we might be lucky to see her on television, what if she becomes a lobbyist...  Boys, it is time to pull up our pants, and leave this shindig. 

But ever the trooper, ever to impress someone, just not the people who elected her, she is running off at the mouth.  Personally I think outside of Congressional Halls, all politicians should be muzzled with one of those devices..  I forget what they are called, but Hannibal Lector was wearing one in Silence of the Lambs (see example below).

Yeah, thats what they need to be wearing.  So, she opens her mouth, and a bunch of stuff, I can only assume is her brain comes flying out of it.  So, where was I?  Oh yeah, so she opened her mouth, and discussed the President of the United States.  In her sound mind, I am being serious there, Mr. Obama was elected for a single reason.  Not because he stirred the masses, or because he made promises he could never hold up, thanks to an obstructionist congress, it was not even because people might like to have a beer with him.  He was elected because he was black.  Um... Okay.  So, we elected a mixed race man to the highest nation of the land because of skin color?  Actually according to Bachmann, we elected a "black man" to office because of guilt.  So, over 50% of the voting nation, the percent that actually bothers to vote due to various situations, elected the man because of race, and no other reason.

Now, given I dislike most conservatives, but I try, I really try to be fair about it, but she just fell out of the ignorant person tree, hit every branch on the way down, then had the damn thing fall over on her.  We don't elect people out of guilt.  Well, maybe pity, how else to you explain the plummeting IQ in Congress?  But guilt, over something that happened over 100 years ago with slavery, and stuff that happens right up... Well racism has never really stopped. 

As for women becoming president, well apparently we don't have the same guilt towards women as we do "black people".  So Hillary doesn't have a good or even decent chance of winning the office.  Guess because she bombed out in epic fashion in her single attempt to run for president has left her jaded.

So now I will use her logic, I am now officially throwing my hat into the ring for the highest office in the land.  I am Jewish.  Most of my family was exterminated in the camps located in Poland.  My Great Grandparents, and Grandfather moved to the United States, and worked as migrant workers.  After that, he moved to Pennsylvania after the kkk decided they were going to lynch him, and once in Pennsylvania, he lived in a five hundred square foot basement with his brothers, their wives and children.  As for me, I have been bullied by racists, screwed over by the christians, and your guilt should be more than enough to catapult me to the highest office that ever existed.  Supreme Overlord of the Universe.  Thank you, have a nice evening.