Saturday, February 1, 2014

No direction today...

Before the State of the Union I had started a post dedicated to Liberty Farms, in a place where I lived many years ago.  I forgot the specifics, but the owner was apparently in violation of several laws in the state, and well, flaunted her violations, and is now upset that she got hit with the fine hammer.  Go figure?
Anyway, I am not feeling inspired today, I wish I was.  Sure it was a good day, and maybe that is the problem.  To get my creative juices flowing, I need a ton of pressure, or stuff that aggravates me.  Anyway, I have seen several videos posted of people burning snow.  I guess when you are bored, and cannot sleep that is what people do, they grab random handfuls of snow and try to burn it. 

Well everyone is freaking out because the snow turns black, smells like burning plastic, and does not melt.  Yeah, so what is the cause of this burning snow that melts like Styrofoam?  Chemtrails you say?  Don't be an idiot.  It is not chemtrails, but it is something equally man made.  After about the tenth video of it, I decided to do some research, figuring that some people would have some sane input.

Turns out I was right, and black burnt snow is not as uncommon as we might think, if you believe the internet nuts.  So, as I googled it, I found some interesting links.  It turns out, that this effect is actually a result of regular pollution.  It seems we have enough vaporized carbon in our atmosphere that sublimation of water (vaporization of water), actually leaves just the carbon in the snow.  What do we use to make plastic?  Oil, and what is oil made of mostly?  Carbon.  That stuff that comes from industries, cars, breathing and everything else we do.

Now, at this point, I feel it wise to give you all a warning.  Do not be surprised if you wake up one day in the next decade or two, step outside on a cold winter morning, and the snow on the ground is black as the ace of spades.  Right now our pollution is not that bad, but it will be shortly if we do not change horses mid-stream. 

Want to prevent that from happening?  My understanding is that for every million trees or so, the average temperature drops a degree.  Now, while that will save various plant life, it also removes many pollutants from the atmosphere, including those that turn snow black when you put it under a blow torch.  Save the world, plant a tree.