Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Richardson Family Charity - Family Update

Excerpt posted via The Richardson Family Charity.  Family Update

This was the Richardson Tent 24 hours ago.
This was after nearly two foot of snow falling.

There are times in our lives we are "moved" or seemingly compelled to help others.  Some people see religion as a means to help, for others they see politics, others yet see the formation of a business or nonprofit group to achieve the goals they set forth.

In a weird way, I try to use my position within religion to compel others to help.  As Eden pointed out to me, the keeper of my brother effect.  I have always envisioned using religion as a means to compel people to look at their actions, but people are too ignorant for that.  I have always seen myself running for political office.  But my ideas are not well received by a very vocal, very basic nasty group of people.  I have seen and at times owned and operated my own business.  

I am not a happy man these days.  We have forgotten the core of our morals.  We have neglected the Golden Rule, and it is a willful ignorance.  We are caught up on what we have, our wants, our desires, maintaining our status quo.  We look down on the poor, the sick, the weak, as many feel they are the cause of their aliments.

Several years ago, I joked that a broken leg could cost me everything I owned.  It was not a broken leg, it was a job that set me on the path I am making my journey on.  It was the choice to move to a state.  But I would not change those two things.  I would never have met the man I consider my best friend.  A man who would walk through the gates of hell with me.  I would have never met Ronnie, a man who would give anything to help me in my time of need.  I would have never met his wife Betty, and Sharon who moved away from this place.  I would have never met her son, Santana.

Ultimately, we are responsible for our choices in life, the good and the bad.  But at some level, we have an obligation to try and help all those in need, in any way we can.  I prefer to throw money at some problems, if someone is working but homeless, or living in poverty, throw them some extra cash, they might be in poverty, but they won't be in debt.  If they are addicted, give them emotional support.  If they are hungry, give them food.  If their car is broken down, help them fix it.  So on and so forth.  

God does not allow these things to happen.  God is not punishing people for sins, or for their mistakes.  Humanity is.  For those who feel the government is too large, takes to many liberties, it might very well.  But until we take it upon ourselves to ensure that poverty is eliminated, homelessness is eliminated, wars are not fought over supplies that are in demand because all share equally