Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Keep people in your mind

As this newest, latest greatest storm rolls across the nation, always keep those who are homeless in your thoughts, and try to help them anyway you can.  Where I am they are calling for 15+ inches of snow, something to keep in mind for all those people who are without a home.

I know many people do not feel badly for those who are homeless.  Many feel that they brought it on themselves, and sure you can always find a finger to point in blame.  But remember when you point one finger at another, there are three more pointing back at you.  Sure some might have made bad life choices, some might have brought it on themselves, but where were we when they fell?  We were sitting in our homes, working our jobs, to preoccupied with maintaining all that we had to be concerned about helping our fellow man.

This is something that the politicians in Washington DC, and your local state capital have forgotten, too hung up on being right.  Their vision as the only true path, the problem is, the true path requires us to step back from our own worldly possessions, to care for our fellow man, to help them get clean, get in a home, to truly pursue happiness, life and liberty. 

For all those who think its the life to be off grid, to be free of government influence, give up your worldly possessions, join the masses in their homelessness, without a job or taxes to worry about.  Give them to a person or family that does not want such a life.  But, we all know you will never do that.  Its too easy to bitch and whine.