Monday, February 3, 2014

Coca Cola did what? And Pepsi too?

I am not a huge fan of Coca Cola products.  The last time I drank something they made (Barq's Rootbeer) I managed to puke up things I ate when I was three or four years old.  It really stunk because I really did like that drink.  But last night, they earned a bit of respect from me, with a minute long ad that I did not see.  As with most Superbowl games, I did not watch it, I really was not interested.  I generally only watch when my team is playing. 

But they earned my respect last night in part to their advertisement.  One that I sat down to watch after starting this entry, because it pissed off a bunch of bigoted Americans, with what they did.  Now lets be clear, my grandparents immigrated to the US after WWII.  My Great Grandmother had a hard time speaking English, depending on her mood, but no the less, I watched the ad because I wanted to know what got these people so angry that they would come unhinged, and use bad grammar because "This is Murica and we speak English."

So, basically the ad depicts people of different areas of the world singing America the Beautiful in different languages.  Really it is a shining example of what made this country what it was, accepting all people, from all countries, without any demands that they change their customs or beliefs.  Yes we required that they speak English, while complicated it was not a major concession.  Oh, and a bit of an Easter Egg for you guys, at around 43 seconds into the spot, you see two middle aged men holding hands and embracing.  A gay couple with a daughter? 

But the response to such a thought provoking ad, a homage to who we are, who we were in the past was met with bigotry, and hatred.  I found a few choice comments made after the commercial. 

One man stated that the "founding fathers are rolling over in their graves."  Indeed they are, at the actions of some of the people in this country.  No doubt they wanted America to be all inclusive, not divisive as it is now.

Another one, "I am so tired of bending over backwards to accommodate cultural diversity at the expense of core tenets."  Sure, if you insist.

I am not going to repeat all of them, or even some of them, two is enough to prove the point.  Many Americans forget the principles of this nation, and why they are screaming "FU" to Coke, I am waving my middle fingers at them.  Screw them, we, the people who want better treatment for the Native Americans, and all people, we deserve this.  We own it.  Not them.

+Larry Dillon, a contributor here, had this to say about it;
I just watched this again. When I saw it during the game I thought it was very cool. I knew there would be controversy.
I soon saw the controversy. This morning its was bad. I went to Youtube and watched again knowing the controversy was now happening
It made me cry

I love this country too.
I see it in such a different light and want such a different path than the other side

It just makes me cry.
It has also been brought to my attention that Pepsi fully supports the rights of gay, lesbian, and transgender people.  After checking they do.