Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Its been a roller coaster of a week.

Here we are on Wednesday.  For Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans, the week started off great, but with some troubles.  I mean the Daytona 500 had a six hour delay courtesy of Global... I mean typical Florida weather.  Yeah, man, that was a good start to the week for fans of NASCAR. 

Monday, however, bad news came down the pipe for all us old dogs.  We lost a brilliant mind, Harold Ramis, which I spoke about when I found out about his passing.  Tuesday was kind of a blah day, I admit it, the fall out of Dick Cheney's comments on Faux Noise was still falling out.  And, well it just blew over till today, and will keep doing so.  I mean WTF is wrong with people feeling that it is more important to feed people than it is to build more weapons, kill more people?

Then today, business picked up, as Good Ole JR would say, I miss hearing that man call WWE matches.  So, among the good of today, Texas' gay marriage ban went down in a stunning pyre of flames.  I mean it was magnificent.  Like watching the fireworks during the Fourth of July, but for our conservative friends and readers, it was like watching the Hindenburg go down.  But the good does not stop there, for all of us freedom loving progressives.  Brewer vetoed the legalized discrimination bill out in Arizona.  Sure the NFL was talking about pulling their Superbowl, and rumors were circulating that the Arizona Diamondbacks might up and run out of town, but sanity and reason won out, for now. 

But then my heart sank, as another Supreme Court ruling was passed down to the public.  It involves our right to be protected from unlawful searches and seizures by law enforcement.  As it stood, law enforcement officers could only enter a premises without a warrant if they had a reasonable suspicion that a crime is being committed within said premises, or if someone was in immediate danger of life or limb.  Basically, if they rolled up on your home, they could lawfully enter the home if they witnessed someone who had just committed a crime breaking into the home, or if they heard you screaming bloody murder inside.  There are some other circumstances, but the reality is, they needed permission to come inside.  Its why they ask you to step outside when they arrest you. 

But that is not the case as of today.  Today, you can be taken into custody, and they can search your home anyway.  So saith the highest court in the land.  Way to go you six sick idiots.  Any other rights you want to piss on why you are doing your job?  I mean it wasn't bad enough that you gave corporations the freedom of speech, or that you have basically allowed our own government to lock citizens away without due process on the grounds they might be a terrorist.  Or that you gave Dubya two chances to royally screw this country over.  You propped up the Patriot Act, and so many other FUBAR's its not even funny.  Honestly people, we need to fire congress, but before we do, we need to fire those jokers.