Monday, February 24, 2014

BYU Video Ad.

So, I was strolling my Facebook wall and I see this post about an anti-jerking off video.  No fears, it is safe for work.  But this is just out there, even for the LDS Church.

Now if it was just your standard fair, I would have a good laugh, and move on.  But this is not something that I found comical because of its nature.  I found it offensive.  They are comparing the act of masturbation to the experiences of those who have been "down range" in the military.  People who have fought, seen friends killed, possibly physically injured.  Then, to make matters worse, they then compare not telling on these people to leaving a man behind.

Seriously?  These people have lost their every loving minds.  First off, what someone does in their room, away from others is between themselves and well.. Themselves.  To compare it to something as serious as the plight of a soldier is just asinine.  Next, it is uncalled for.  I am sorry, but if you want to make a complete fool out of yourself, that is your deal, but don't get people to turn on others, by guilting them.  I mean, seriously, if you want someone to feel guilty about playing with themselves, kick in the door and take pictures.  But don't put someone else in the position of being embarrassed because they have to talk about something they are not comfortable with.

But this is ultimately par for the course with the LDS  Cult.  I mean, they make it a regular practice to spy on their members, so, why have someone tell on them.  They likely already know that someone is watching porn and having some stress relief action going on.  I guess it isn't bad enough that they are spying on people within their own homes, just because they are members, but now they will harass others because they choose to stay out of an obviously embarrassing situation.  

Way to go you cult leaders.  Way to go.  And I just have to ask any Mormons out there, don't we have more important things to deal with?  I mean is masturbation so serious that it trumps poverty, homelessness, disease, workers rights, and or Global Climate Change?