Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here we go again...

So it now appears that Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the distinguished lady from Washington state is under investigation for possible ethics violations.  The leading female voice of the GOP, who talked about herself during the rebuttal of the State of the Union, is now facing charges involving ethics violations.  Who would have thought it?

No seriously, I really thought, political opinions aside, that she was at least a step above her peers in the GOP.  From some of the comments I have heard from her, she seems to be intelligent, even though she sides with people who would set women's rights back several decades, while denying rights to gays, minorities and the poor.  All that aside, I cannot really blame her, she is a product of her environment, brought up to think that way, never really able to break free of it.  She is someone to be pitied in a way, like most of the hard core right wingers who feel as she does.  They were not raised any better, and just cannot seem to break free of it.  I cannot blame her, I am a product of my experiences.

But this, an ethics scandal, another in a long line of screw ups by the right.  Unlike most people, hers is a simple enough deal.  She was not soliciting a minor, or prostitute for sex in a public bathroom, she was not having an affair with an aide.  Apparently she was commingling funds in a 2012 House leadership race.  All told, she has been accused of mixing campaign election funds and official office funds for this leadership race, which she nearly won.  

I do wonder how different things would be with a republican woman as the leader of the House.  It might have proven interesting.  But here we stand, she is under investigation, and while she is openly working with the committee, they have until March 23 of this year to either dismiss the charges, or otherwise refer it for further investigation.  And since, we need to be fair, the charges were brought by a former aide to her office.  There are many reasons for a former aide to lie, but I am of the mind that even the most blatant of lies, has a kernel of truth in it somewhere.