Monday, February 10, 2014

Time for some humor

So, I have come to a conclusion.  When it comes to dealing with livestock, most people are idiots.  Above is a picture of a bunch of animals people would consider goats.  However, one of these things doesn't belong here, one of those goats just ain't quite right.

Big picture discussion is to be had by this.  First, see which of the goats is not a goat.  Next the non-goat has been called a goat on the news several times as it screamed help, causing people to mistake said animal for a human screaming for assistance.  It is funny when you think about it, just twisted in a way.

But onto the larger topic of discussion, if the news does not fact check something as simple as what a goat is, when compared to its cousins, what else are they not fact checking.  Are they taking liberties with what is attributed to someone, events that occurred, or even in the segments that they plan (IE animals acting like humans).  Sure they get the basics right, dog cat, republican democrat right for the most part.  And we are not discussing breaking news, like a comet striking the Earth, we are talking about events that are following around the normal news cycle. 

They don't fact check, and when they do it is as haphazard as jumping from a plane without checking to ensure you have a parachute or a bag of plates.  In video game lore, its yelling Leeroy Jenkins, before running into a room crowded with enemies, while your friends sit around in a state of shock.  By and large I suspect Fox News is the worst, but CNN and MSNBC also do this.  They rush in, without making sure they have their facts right, and then come back and say "Oops, we kinda botched that one."

Honestly, +Larry Dillon said it best:
"Turn off the tv pumpkins and logon to the net and non-profit progressive news outlets that actually investigate and report news."
I would add any news outlets, progressive or conservative that actually do their job as the forth estate.  They investigate, honestly look into what they are reporting, then report their findings.  As it stands now, most reporters, most news programs report opinion, not facts.  Watching the big three in news is like watching an echo chamber followed by a re-run of Jerry Springer, and it is making people stupid.

I can understand someone not being able to tell the difference between breeds of goats, sheep, cows, horses, cats, dogs, or most things, it is not you field of expertise.  But when we are told one thing that is incorrect and it is never corrected, we tend to accept it as fact.  That is the problem, it is dumbing us down, we are told things, and in the daily grind of our lives we cannot always look into ourselves, so we accept it as fact.  But we are in error, an error that never gets corrected, and is passed onto others as fact.

If you are inclined to answer which one of those pictures is not a goat.  There is no crime in not knowing, and if you are curious I can tell you.  But, the larger picture is, what else have we been told that is wrong?