Thursday, February 27, 2014

Remember that war on Christianity...?

If you recall I made several entries here about the War on Christianity, and they are some of the more viewed entries on this blog.  I have also commented at times on bullying, not viewed as much, but commented less on.  Believe it or not, while they were viewed, they were not commented on much.  I do not censor comments, so I figured I would get a bit of backlash, but nothing came about, so I assume you, dear readers, are finding something to what I said.  But here we are several weeks later, and well the war has fired up again.
Enter a young fifteen year old girl, high school student, atheist, and probably a nice young lady.  I will not name or picture her here, I feel after everything that she has experienced, she deserves commentary, but not having her name or face plastered everywhere.  She is bold, she is brave, she has something that I discarded years ago, discretion.  You see, unlike her, I do not care if I am attacked, physically, verbally, or emotionally I am numb to it.  But I feel that we should all take a step back from our preferred faith, or lack of it, and see some real issues here.

This young lady, is an atheist, she does not believe in any Gods, she does not believe in a personal savior, and it is her deal.  Like it or not, it really does not matter.  In any event, with all the clubs, teams, organizations at her high school, there was one that was lacking, it did not exist.  She wanted a secular club or activity to be a part of.  Something that did not say prayers before a meeting, or talk about religion in the sense of true believers.  Yes, I am a Rabbi, a man of God if you will, but I do not find that a lack of belief, being an atheist anything more than someone not believing.  I do not find that it is a horrible thing.  Even with that title in life, I find that people are who they are, and to force them to conform, to change is wrong.  I can respect someone who is honest about how the feel or what they believe.

But many of my other brothers and sisters in faith in a God or Gods, are not so open minded.  Sadly, she never did get her secular club, one I would have likely joined myself, not to preach, but to meet other people.  She was forced to abandon it.  I constantly hear about the War on Christianity, how people, specifically the Atheists, the Gays, and so many other groups are trying to crush it.  Yet, what do I hear when a young lady is called a c##t, a b###h, the Satan (most Christians can't even follow their own characters in their own religion), and likely other things that as a father would send me into a blind fury? 

Well from my religious landlords "well she got put in her place".  Otherwise derogatory comments about her, or nothing.  Hypocrites, each and every one of you.  I have heard nothing out of Christians condemning the people who threatened her, her family.  I have heard nothing our of Christians condemning those students who bullied her, spoke with horrible words against her.  Sure, my friend +Spirit Guide, will be one of the few that actually will condemn these people, but he is a very vocal minority, and even so would not be accepted by his fellow Christians. 

You know dear readers, we have the freedom of religion, free to worship or not worship by the means of our choosing.  We also have the right of freedom from religion, while you and I (my fellow theists) can worship in any way we wish (so long as it doesn't violate animal cruelty laws, or obscenity laws), we also have the right to not worship at all.  While we have the right to talk to people about our faith, they also have the right to tell me I am a moron for believing in a "mythical sky daddy".  Personally, I always get a good laugh about it, not because I know I am right, but its just the way it sounds.  It is just the way I take it, not really as an insult, but as a rib between friends.  Sorry, I do the same thing with the few mostly secular Christian friends I have, and have been known to moo at a few Hindu friends I have.  It don't mean it in a derogatory way, but I mean it as a joke about religion in general. 

However, for those people in North Carolina, and people like my landlord, those goyim, need to sit down and shut up.  That is not a joke, that is not a rib.  I am tired of these sthup goyim constantly whining when gay couples get the right to marry, or an atheist gets the right to start a club with secular friends.  They have so many rights, so many privileges that it is not even funny.  Yet when a Muslim Imam wants to start a Mosque, Gay and Transgender people want to be allowed to get married, a group of non-Christians want to be addressed with Happy Holidays, or a teenager wants to start a school group with like minded friends, and takes the lead is beaten down for it because it is not religious or christian, they get all up in the air over it. 

See, this attitude from the "Christian majority", those hypocrites and Goyim alike, is why we as a race, the human race, can never have truly nice things.  It is why people like me start becoming radicalized and militant in my own beliefs.  Sure, I believe in the Almighty, it is my deal.  She believes in no God, that is her deal.  Yet her neighbors, her peers, cannot or will not accept that, and rather than leave her be, attempt to bully her into conforming to their ideology.  Ignorant people, the lot of them.  I do hope the time comes quickly where they are finally given a true taste of what it is to be where they have put people like her.  I really want that day to come in my lifetime.  I hope they get to truly taste persecution first hand for who they are, and what they believe.  It is only fitting.