Friday, February 14, 2014

Give me liberty, or give me death

So you think you are free?  You think you have freedom?  Are you sure?  How sure are you that you are free?

You think because the government has soldiers, laws to protect you from predators, you have guns and bullets, and or a job you are free.  The joke is on you.  You are not free.  You are a slave in a hive mentality.

I cannot blame you if you think you are free.  You have the illusion of freedom.  You have a few pieces of paper in your wallet, some numbers in a bank account, a car.  You can hit the open road, and drive until you are tired, or have to go to work.  But that is not true freedom.

True freedom is the ability do dance naked around a camp fire if you wish.  True freedom is the ability to marry another human being even if they are the same sex as you are.  But true freedom infringes on the freedoms of others. 

But here is the thing, while we can never have true freedom, I mean at some point you are going to step on the freedoms of others without protections, we can come close.  The problem is, your puppet masters (both liberal, conservatives, and moderates) do not want you to realize that you are not free.  You are a puppet, a slave, a number, nothing more nothing less.

God will not help you, God is not here.  You can pray until your heart stops pumping, your tears run cold, and there is nothing to be done by some higher power.  We are here, we are in control, the majority of us have empathy, we have sympathy, we care.  If we so chose, we could eliminate poverty, homelessness, disease, global warming, and anything thrown at us within years.  But our puppet masters do not want these changes.  They want us to further ingrain ourselves in the illusion of freedom.  They want us at each others throats constantly.  Groups like the Brady Organization and the NRA dance in the blood of children, because it furthers their agendas.  And we, like sheep, lap it up like water from a dry water trough...

If you want true freedom, you would need millions of dollars.  That is truly as free as you can get.  Money is power, the more money you have, the more power you have, and that my friends gives you more freedom.  I doubt this will be popular with the majority, but I am tired.  When you are poor, you are not free, you are a slave.  You are a slave to your job, you are a slave to your home, you are a slave to your church, to the environment you were born, to survival.