Saturday, February 8, 2014

I have been thinking.

Yeah I tend to think a lot.  Nothing new here, but when I am agitated and I just sit and start thinking about something, that is never a good thing.  Not for me, not for others, I create plans on how to mess with people, and how to word things, sometimes I can think myself out of saying something, sometimes I cannot.

This is one of those times where I cannot seem to stop myself from saying something, because not only is the following wrong, it is stupid.  So, apparently a kiddy show on the Disney channel featured two lesbians who brought their daughter over for a play date.  No porn scene broke out guys, but an other wise uneventful normal play time ensued.

No babies were sacrificed to the dark lord, no over the top sex scenes, no homophobia, or anything else apparently happened.  Yeah, just like so many times I have encountered a gay couple somewhere, nothing happened.  The world did not end, the building did not spontaneously burst into flames, otherwise nothing major happened.  I think some people might have stared, muttered some unkind words, but that is the least of what could have happened where I am.

Anyway, so this Disney show had a lesbian couple on, and nothing happened on the show, but back here in reality, which the show is based on, all hell has broken loose.  This here should piss everyone off.  I know it pisses me off, and I am not the kind to gush over a kid, but this pisses me off.  The star of the show, who is a whopping five (5) years old starts getting death threats.

Who in their right mind threatens a five your old kid with death, burning in hell, death in hell?  Seriously.  You know, stick me in a room with fifty suicide bombers of the Islamic faith (and if you cannot tell I am being sarcastic with this part), I would feel safer than if I was in a room of two Christians (I am being serious here).  That is wrong, I wouldn't care what was going on, send your crap to the director, the script writer, the producers, Disney itself, not a kid.  I hope each and every person who sent her comments, letters, messages, or says something to her gets their teeth shoved down their throats, just because you are being an ass towards a kid. 

Parents, let me ask you, if someone said that crap to your kid, what would you do?  Those of you I have spoken to, that have children that age, I know what you would do.  But others who I do not know that read this, ask yourself what you would do?  Is it really too much to ask that we allow people to live their lives their way when it only bugs you on a religious account?

See, this is part of my issues with Christians in general.  You ride in on your high horse, screaming how you are oh so much better than people like +Larry Dillon, +Witchy Ways, and others, but you ignore crap like this.  You ignore people like westboro baptist church, and others who spew hatred, while directing violence towards others, even if they are just a five year old little girl.