Saturday, February 15, 2014

Meh, Bah, Boo!

I had a post all thought up this morning about 3 am.  Yeah, I tend to do my best thinking in the wee hours of the morning.  All those years of working the dead shift at night.  In case you are wondering the "Dead Hours" fall between 11 pm and 4 am (2300-0400).  Basically, they are the dead hours because nothing except spooks (ghosts, spirits, etc) and phantasms (delusions of the mind) move around at those hours.

But that is when I tend to think, 2300 to 0400, and its a pain because I am trying to get my days and nights righted.  So anyway, as I lay on the bed, Buddy the dog laying on his back beside me, I started thinking of a really good post for this blog, and I said, when I get home from the vet, and a sick cat, I will write it out, flesh in some of the details.  However, when I woke up, it was gone. 

Basically, and as my memory serves, I wanted to talk about how some people constantly try.  They try to build themselves us in life.  They try to pull themselves up, but fail.  You know we like to live in an insular world, one in which if we try, really really try with pretty sprinkles on top, we sacrifice, we do everything, we will succeed.  The truth is, I have seen people really try, I have witnessed people make attempts and fail.  Not because they did so half-assed, but because of what others do.  We are not in an insular world, we are in a combined world.  What I do effects you, what you do effects another, their actions in turn affect me.  We will leave it at a nice simple triangle. 

A good friend of mine, who has his share of problems, decided a while back to try and start his own business.  Tired of being a flunky, a lap dog for someone else to make money off of, he decided that he would put his skills to use repairing and building computers for people.  Honestly when it comes to repairing a desktop, I can, when it comes to building, I could also do it, but I learned the old fashioned way, I tinkered, but when money became good enough, I just bought whatever was on the shelf.  He continued to hone his craft.  Anyway, he attempted to start his own repair and building company, he was happy, I was beyond happy, this was great.  We laughed about me working under him, and some of the things he wanted to do with it.  He had the drive and ambitions, he wanted to put out a computer superior in quality and power to Alienware and MSI, at a cheaper price.  Starting with desktops, then branching into laptops.  And the guy has the skills, he has the ambition, he has the talent, but he is missing one very important thing.

So many of us who find ourselves down and out, we all lack one thing.  Sure I was happy for him, I want him to succeed, I plugged for him (and still am), because he needs support from friends, family, and strangers.  A kind word, from people.  People like us, we do not get those kind words, we do not get support.  We are degraded, we are ridiculed.   I hope, this dream of his takes flight, and it should.  If this were truly a fair country it would.  He would have been able to set up shop, made a place for himself, and made a go of it.  Instead, the doors were closed before they opened.