Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We have it all wrong..

In recent years the anti-vaccinaters have come to bear, showing us the correctness of never vaccinating your children.

Sure you might say its stupid, but they are living in line with the wishes of their God.  I mean think about it, God has a ton of conditions in which we are supposed to live.  You know, we are not supposed to eat pork, and seafood.  So why are we supposed to get vaccinations?

Well to hear doctors and the majority of the population tell it, they help protect children and adults from illness.  Now, since the invention of vaccinations many diseases have been nearly eliminated from the world.  Something as contagious and deadly as Small Pox is nearly extinct.  Several years ago when the Swine Flu was everywhere, we were advised to get vaccinated against it, most of us didn't and we all got very ill from it.

Of course, given that most of these bugs have been eliminated via vaccination of previous generations, why should you put your child through the pain of getting vaccinated?  I mean really, polio has been gone for what, 40-50 years now?  Small Pox has been gone for decades as well.  Sure there is still Chicken Pox, and the Flu, but its not like a shot will prevent your child from getting those.  Also, I have had both as a child, its not fatal.  Most kids would appreciate a few days off from school, right?

But we should always seek the natural cure for everything.  I mean just look at all the chemicals in cold medicines, and well doctors just love to prescribe more pills.  My Dad takes well over twenty pills a day for various "health" issues that he has at his advanced age.  Look, I know the doctor has my Dad's best interests at heart, but a better diet, one without all the meat, and some exercise and he will be ripping raring to go again, like a spry seventy year old man should be.    But no, the doctor, who might be in league with Big-Pharma, really is trying to keep my dad going as long as he can, or his battery for his pacer dies, which ever happens first.

But this anti-vaccination movement, well it has its own set of merits.  See I recently heard a woman who was against vaccinating her children discuss how the Bible said that we should live a specific lifestyle, and if we did so, we wouldn't get sick.  She also pointed out that Jesus lived to thirty three years of age, without ever being vaccinated.  He did not die of disease, he was murdered I will also add to her comment.  See as was pointed out by Reverend Massey, disease is sent by God himself to punish sinners, and since we are all sinners, we should all suffer from disease.  I mean if a preacher said it, it must be true.  Why would a preacher lie about such a thing?  Its not like he is going to make money from it?  Or maybe....

It is also known that some vaccinations will cause the illness in the person.  Sure it might be a mild version of the disease, but why infect someone, when they might not get infected at all.  I mean Moseley said that giving someone a vaccination for cowpox was like giving someone syphilis.  I mean they can physically, mentally or emotional deform a child or adult.  So strong were these fears the citizens of Brazil revolted when vaccinations were forced on their children, and who could blame them right?  Who wants to be around a kid that just got vaccinated?  Could you imagine catching something from that kid?  Just because the parents foolishly thought they were protecting them from an illness they would likely get over on their own.  I mean Measles has less an a 1% chance of being fatal.  The stats are what 10 in 100000?  Yeah, I cannot afford to miss work because your kid pulled up lame because you bought Big-Pharma's BS, and you are a sheep who does everything the government tells you too.

Ever heard of serum sickness?  Yeah, that's what sometimes happens when you are given a vaccination.  See vaccines are not made in people, they are made in animals.  When you take these vaccines from the animal and put them into a person, they tend to get sick.  Sure it might be a mild form of the virus, but it might just be your body fighting the vaccine and animal blood that is in it.  Not to mention that vaccines are a likely cause for autism.  I mean look, the government started compulsory vaccinations, and the autism rights went through the roof.  We also have vaccine overload, where you fry out your child's immune system because you vaccinate them against everything so rapidly that it cannot fight off all the infections you caused.  Lastly, most vaccines contain Thiomersal, a preservative, which was linked to autism.  So, now I guess we know why vaccines cause autism.  Of course that neglects the fact of all the other toxins in vaccines, like aluminum.  Yeah, they have aluminum in them.

Now if you are an animal lover, this is a section you might want to skip over.  See vaccines before they are used on humans are first created and tested in animals.  They purposely expose the animal to infected blood.  They allow it to suffer with the illness and if it manages to live, they take that blood, create the vaccination.  They then infect countless other animals and give them the vaccination to see if it works.  If it should work in those animals, it is then tested on people, who are vaccinated against the disease, then they are exposed to it.  If they don't get the disease, job well done, and the vaccination is shipped out to be shot up your childs arm.  Of course, it does not take into account the fact that the person has a healthy immune system and might not have gotten sick because of natural resistance.

But what is even worse, these vaccines contain nanites, small technological biological machines, which can then be used to control your children.  Its the government doing that.  With a few strokes of a key, your child could be sedated to passively accept the governments growing corruption.  We must not allow our children to become complacent in the face of a hostile government people.  Your child might just be the next Manchurian Candidate, all because you had to vaccinate him or her just to get them educated or into public sporting events.

People are complaining about Obamacare implanting RFID chips so the government can track us.  But its too late, the chips are already in us.  If you were vaccinated as a child, the chip is already in you.  Thank your parents.  Don't believe me, the technology has been around since the forties.  Yeah, we are already implanted, the government already knows.  Just like every single one of you already has a NSA and FBI file, they know when you go to work, when you go fishing, everything about you, right down to what you biochemistry looks like at a cellular level.

But another prospective is that viruses and bacteria are living beings, just like we are, they have a right to life.  See, we in America are a christian nation, and we support the right of all animals to live.  Sorry, but we are going to have to become vegan because cows have a right to roam free in the fields, without fear of being slaughtered.  But since viruses and bacteria are living creatures just like fetuses, eggs, and sperm, they have a right to live.  How dare you scientists, doctors, and vaccers abort these poor innocent viruses and bacteria just so you can live without fear of being ill for a day or two a year.  You people make me sick.

Just one more thing, did you know the rich never vaccinate their children, and when they do it is a different kind of vaccination.  See us poor folk, well our kids get the vaccines that sterilize them, and while I cannot prove it, they might even make your child gay.  Sorry no amount of prayer will pray that gay away.  You or your family members hate your gay child, don't hate them, they were turned gay by the government.  You shouldn't hate them, you helped make them by your own compliance.

This work is a piece of satire.  It in no way reflects the actual views of the author.  If anything this author feels that if you are really stupid enough to be an anti-vaccination supporter, you are a complete and total idiot, who deserves whatever you get.  Sadly for your kid, they will likely get it as well, and well, maybe it is for the best if they do die because of your ignorance.  All people mentioned by name in this post are real, however, they have been dead for well over 100 years.  Grow the heck up, read a damn book, and educate yourself before you kill us all with your stupidity.  Thanks, have a nice day.