Saturday, May 10, 2014

Prick of the week (05-04 to 05-10)

We have a three way tie, only to be broken in the comments section of this blog, and on Facebook.

First we have Stacey Campfield.  Initiator of the "Don't say gay" quote and bill in Tennessee, we have a ton of ignorant antisemitic, racist, homophobic quotes.  I mean when it comes to prickdom, I am nearly at the point of giving him the title of King.  Sorry I have already taken the mantel of Supreme Overseeing Prick.  It is my title, and I refuse to give it up, but this guy came close. 

First he says that bullying is a lark. Alright, context is needed.  Sure it is amusing for someone, specifically the bully.  Or does he mean that it is harmless fun?  Yeah, given some of the other things he said, he seems to feel that it is just a bit of harmless fun at somebodies expense, until the take a loaded gun to work or school, and start summarily executing the ones who get the fun out of the act, while taking out anyone else who happens to get in the way. 

Then there is the deal about AIDS originating from the gays.  I think that has roundly been rebutted.  The funny thing is, that was the talking point of the 1980's and early 1990's of right wing christian morons.  Good to see that some thirty years later that talking point is still alive and well, with just the same amount of proof that it had when it started.  Brilliant prick, brilliant.

I do not know many openly gay people.  It is not like I ask every single person I encounter "Are you gay?"  It is who they are, but it is not my business.  I really do not care, so long as you do not flirt with me, flirting with me (outside of joking) I find offensive.  But I also tend to ignore it.  So, this next one really does make me wonder what the hell?  See this prick says that homosexuals live shorter lives.  Larry, as I recall is in his late forties, possibly older, but given he looks like Diamond Dallas Page, its hard to tell, cause that guy has been around forever.  Then there is the fact that he feels that people are glamorizing the gays.  Well, I have encountered one "flaming gay man", and well, he looked pretty damn glamorous in his sequin bedazzled dress, high heels and makeup.  If it wasn't for a slight five o'clock shadow, you would have sworn he was an actress.  They do not need any help, they can do it all on their own.  Oh yeah, and while they deserve to be treated with respect, and acceptance, they should not be given special rights, you know marriage.

There are quotes and comments comparing Obamacare (a republican plan) to the Holocaust.  Oh, and Mr. Campfield, should you or your legal team every get around to reading this blog, you can sue me.  While I have never been to your blog, I did hear about your 1000$ per word fee, and well I am unemployed, homeless, and own nothing of my own.  I will be more than happy to pay you when I start getting some of those benefits I hear about people like me abusing.

Number two this week we have the famous Sean Hannity from his radio/television show.  So, what has this guy done to get my ire.  Well, if I were to look back over the past decade plenty.  But lets focus on the more recent time.  Look, I have no love for Catholics, given their history of child molesting, and other crappy things, but this new Pope, he seems to be trying.  And he doesn't look like a Sith Lord.

So he starts this list saying that the new pope is lazy.  Well he might be lazy, he is the pope after all.  So, he goes onto say that the pope is fostering resentment towards the rich.  Well, "those who get up, make decisions, they go to school, they develop marketable skills, they decide to work, they make intelligent decisions..."  Just like 90% of the people who have a job, or are trying to find a job.  Just like many of the people who work at Wal-Mart, McDonald's, and a host of other low paying jobs.  My take on his comment, the poor are lazy, no matter how hard they work or try to get out of being poor.  So, he continues on about how the poor rich people are being demonized, as greedy and selfish.  Sorry, but when you as a CEO make three hundred plus percent more than your average employee, yeah, I start to see a problem.  When a company that makes billions of dollars a year, but has employees on welfare, there is a problem.  It is not a celebration of mediocrity or laziness, it is an injustice to society that profit comes before everything else.  He only knows one person who was born into wealth.  This coming from a man who went to all private schools, his first radio job was saved by the ACLU.  He had every advantage in life, and then had some help from liberal sources to get all the wealth he earned.  He didn't do it through the sweat of his brow, his own hard work.  Sure, he worked hard, but he was given hands up on several occasions.  He wouldn't have a platform if not for Roger Ailes.  But he forgets that not everyone who works as he did get the breaks he did.  When I was working security, looking for a better paying job, putting in applications at other places of work in the field, no corporation came in and offered or anyone else a job, even with the education I have.  He got lucky in a rigged system.  People stepped in on his behalf when others made choices that would set him back.  Not all of us get that lucky in life. 
Finally we have Ted Cruz.  I think he might become the first multiple prick of the week loser.  Of all the pricks of the week, this guy...  So, he starts out alright, I mean..  He starts out an speech at a christian academy by saying that we should reconcile our understanding of our religion with how we treat people.  OF course, I said alright because some faiths require killing non-believers.  Not a good thing in any book.  But if we are just talking about the good side, helping the poor, the indigent, the old, people in general, treating people with respect and dignity, that is a good start.  But then he goes on to say that if you feel the good book tells you to be a prick to gays, you should.  In his rhetorical speech, he said that if you feel it is against your religion to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple who are getting married, take pictures of their ceremony that should be your right to refuse them service.  If you do not want to cover abortions or contraceptives, you should not be forced to do so.  I suppose that racists should be allowed to refuse service to minorities as well.  You know because the Old Testament does say something about coloreds being inferior to whites, due to them being from a different tribe and all.  That doesn't even get into his role in shutting down the government, his constant attempts (50+) to repeal Obamacare, when they could be doing something worthwhile, and his general insanity.  The sad thing is, many people consider him insane, I think he is perfectly sane for a psychopath.  The problem is, like so many teanuts, and people in general he has the wrong priorities.  His priorities are his donors, not the people.