Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One of the major issues today.

It was once again pointed out to me that any plan that adds spending, or brings up the poor and middle classes is doomed to fail.  No matter how grand a scheme it is, no matter how well you plan it, and no matter how many people actually think its a good idea.

Yeah, that problem is the rich and the politicians who are currently in control, along with the stupid people who put them there.  Take what I am working on now, mentioned last night.  Most people I have mentioned it to, the premise like it, they agree with it.  They would support it.  But then after the initial hype of it, the reality sets in for them, that dog don't hunt. 

No matter how grand a scheme it might be, no matter how many people it would help, people like you and I who fight constantly for little scraps that fall off the table, that dog don't hunt.  I could, and will write it out, sit down with people who can get the figures, people who can see the points, it will be hammered down to a fine point, you might be surprised how quickly a good plan can come together, but then the reality of it is.. 

No matter how good it is, no matter how it will benefit people, it still won't hunt.  Even if 200 million people love it, demand it, it still won't fly.  Its like the minimum wage, where an estimated 70% of Americans support/demand an increase to it, yet here we sit, that dog don't hunt either.  So why doesn't that dog hunt?

I point at corporations who want slave labor, I point at business owners who want more and more of the pie, while tossing the scraps they don't want down to the power lower than them.  I point at politicians who are not of the people, but of the corporations.  We are slaves in a free land, each and every one of us.  We are slaves to religion, we are slaves to our jobs, we are slaves to people who have, while we have not.  And I do not know which is worse about our slavery.  The fact that we desire to be slaves, or that we are too stupid to see our own slavery.  If we knew just how deep we went into the rabbit hole we would be irate.  We should be anyway.  We cannot have the nice things we want, we cannot have the freedom we desire, because for many that luxury is a fleeting dream.  Taken by people who constantly try to tell you the game isn't rigged.  It is rigged.  Today, if you don't get extremely lucky, and keep that run of luck throughout most of your life, you are down and out, fighting to survive.  All the while you have people constantly berating you for your failures, your poor choices, they tell you how you are lazy or you are a fuck up somehow. 

Its not like it was back in the day, when regulations and taxes were actually enforced.  A time when someone could start out a janitor, and end up owning their own business.  Sure it can be done today, but it is a tedious task, something far too daunting for many to even begin to try.  I once tried to talk a former supervisor into starting a business of her own, something that I believed was well within her abilities.  Hell, I think she would have made enough money with it that she could have done many things.  If I had the ability, I could do the same thing, but the problem is, the cost to start up.  Everyone lives in this illusion that you can just set up shop and run with it, but its not.  To do it, and do it right, you are looking at an average of $30,000, just to start.  That is before you stock arrives, that is before your permits are in place, before the first employee walks through the door to start, hell that figure comes before you even talk to the first person you might want to hire.  Sure, you can get loans via credit.  But be smart, get the credit in the business name (but that costs money as well).  It could be as low as $20 for the permit, but it could be more as well.  In the case of it being a simple $20 fee, you can set up shop and go, but its never that easy.

The people who are in control are the same ones that have made their bones.  They do not take it well when some upstart comes along.  Ultimately the former supervisor elected to not start her own business, because of what she was told by others.  She was beat down before she could even try.  Even after many people tried to tell her it wasn't as severe as she thought, she had people willing to assist her (people with the credentials to get the proper permits), the dream died.  It was too much for her, just as it is for so many.  To those people who say it is easy to start and run a business, I say to you, do it.  Become a job creator.  I just helped create a non-profit, a thousand dollars and a six month wait for approval, before we can technically begin operations.  Sure we can start now, but if the application is held up for any reason, we might run afoul of tax laws, something our counsel has advised us to wait on. 

Now some people will proudly scream their ignorance.  If not for these regulations anyone can start any business they want.  Yeah, if not for regulations I could start a sewage transportation company tomorrow, the problem is, I could use anything I want to transport said sewage, to any place I want to transport it.  Basically, I could come pump out your septic pump into a lined dump truck, slip down to the back 9 of some country club and dump it there for free (as long as I wasn't caught), and the shit would hit the fan, wouldn't it.  I could spill half of it out before I even get to the dump site, and once there you the member would be forced to pay to clean it up, twice (once as a taxpayer once as a member of the club).  Of course with no regulations, it wouldn't be a problem, but I am sure you do not want to drive through human waste, nor would you want to play golf in it either, would you?  My major problem is, regulations are not equally applied.  I just heard about two dead miners because safety regulations were not properly enforced.  But if I went to open a new coal mine, I promise you I would not have gotten away with any of the hundreds of violations this mine had.  But here again, those with money have power, and they wield that power to benefit only themselves, and when people without money or power come along, we get nowhere.