Friday, May 2, 2014

Republicans are the problem...

I was once told that when you point the finger of blame at someone, there are three more pointing back at you.  I can admit that I am part of the cause of my own issues, I think most people can actually sit down at the end of the day, after everything is said and done, and we can acknowledge that we share part of the blame.

Now, I am not a libertarian, I actually find them distasteful.  Sure, they have some very minor points, but if you listen to someone drone on enough, they tend to make them.  Sure, there is an aspect of personal responsibility, but they tend to over inflate it.  So, then I hear about a Republican, someone who works at a think tank for Republicans, someone who basically tells the GOP where to go and what to do, outside of the Koch Brothers, and other big businesses who spend millions on elections, to point the finger of blame, its kind of crap.

So who is he pointing the finger of blame at.  In true racist/antisemitic fashion, he blames the Jews for all the worlds problems.  Now, this was caught on a "hot mic", and of all the people to make the comment to, an Israeli reporter attending the conference.  It was assumed to be a bad attempt at humor.  Actually, I tend to feel he might actually believe it, and is now trying to cover his six.  But if that hole wasn't deep enough for your taste he continued on to say that Mr. Obama supports a wide range of terrorist organizations and uses subliminal messages to show his support for them.  Boys, get the electrodes ready, we have a tough case on our hands. 

Alright, so this guy is as anti-Semitic as they come in my not so humble opinion.  I mean, in the past he has stated that all Jews must be converted to Christianity, and with this conversion they must be made to understand hitler.  He furthered the comment by stating that this misunderstanding of hitler, and presumably what he was attempting to do (outside of that whole genocide), has lead us to vote for the Democratic ticket.  Oh look an Obama is hitler reference, I think the creek might actually be high enough to wash that horse away.  Oh another Obama communist/marxist comment was made.

To make matters even worse, his military career was axed over military rules violations, and his anti-Muslim advocacy.  I am surprised race didn't come into it.  Hold up a second, I forgot to mention who this jackass is.  Jerry Boykin.  Yeah, when a massive screw up like Dubya jumps your ass over crap, you really screwed up.  Its akin to Gomer Pyle talking smack to Andy Taylor. 

So, this guy still, still assists the GOP on foreign policy issues, and with his known antisemitic and anti-Muslim leanings, holy hell, this is going to end poorly for some groups of people.  Specifically my own, and the Muslims whom I do have respect for.