Sunday, May 11, 2014

And in other news...

Its Mother's day.  Take the time to wish your mother a blessed day, even if you can't stand her.  Be nice.  Otherwise, the GOP is on it now.  We better be careful.

So in 2012 they had a glut of debates for their presidential candidate.  And really, watching many of them gave me a good idea of what their potential presidential candidate was all about.  However, the GOP in its so called wisdom has decided that allowing people to see all the candidates in all their glory is not the way to go.

See, they will now have sanctioned debates.  Any potential candidate who goes into an unsanctioned event, will be unable to participate in the sanctioned event.  The sanctioned events will be timed by the GOP, the media involved (along with the moderator) will be chosen by the GOP to reflect the best interests of the GOP.  Yeah, I can probably reference a pig and lipstick, but I don't get paid enough for it. 

Apparently there were complaints you see, about how the mainstream media controlled the debates.  It was the media that cost Romney the election in their warped minds, they pushed him to the right (like Ron Paul being his VP didn't do that, let alone his comments).  It also gave insurgent candidates free airtime.  I wonder who they considered insurgent candidates?  Maybe Gary Johnson or Buddy Roemer?  Fox News didn't say who they were, so I guess they don't know who it was.  In any event, the Head of the GOP nut factory once again claimed that the liberal media was in control.  He also stated that the liberal media should not be in the drivers seat.  The last time I checked places like the Huffington Post, and here are not driving anything, and the liberal media isn't as liberal as they want to claim.  Then again, if you don't fall lockstep in the goosestep with the GOP you are liberal. 

But in a stunning turn of events, the GOP plans on boycotting the CNN and NBC debates, if the two companies air any "features" about Ms. Clinton, who is already presumed by the right to be the Democratic Party nominee for PotUS.  I hate to break it to them, and the Clinton bandwagon, she doesn't have it yet, and you never know who might throw their hat in the ring.  But that is beside the point.  You see the real reason for the GOP to boycott the CNN debate is because he got caught lying:

I wouldn't want to debate like that either to be fair.  If I got busted lying, called out on national television for it, no matter how small the lie, no matter if it was even an honest mistake, I would not want to have to face that moderator again.  Then again, I would be on the ball, and not make a mistake like that, and if I was going to lie in a debate, I would damn sure make sure it was something that couldn't be fact checked.