Monday, May 5, 2014

How Much?

How many ticks does it take to get to the center of Republican hate?  The world will shortly know.  Well Americans will shortly know, but that brings up another question.  How many will actually care about Republicans hatred of the middle and low classes of American society.Yeah, they have a lot of hatred.  They hate the poor people, they hate the middle class people, they hate minorities, they hate gay people, they hate non-Christians, and they hate women, but for a party taken over by a religion that allegedly promotes peace and love, there is a lot of hate going around.  

 Some will say, "They don't hate these people.  They want and know whats best for us."  Yet this same political party are the ones who say "They don't know whats best for us." I am sure the teanuts and conservatives who may or may not find their way here will claim they never said that, but they have, I just worded it differently.  See what they are big to say is that "Government does not know what is best for the common person, they would not spend your money as you would, you spend your money wiser than the government ever could."  See, if you can be trusted with your own money, then you can be trusted with everything, but then comes the next thing.  
They will point at those making minimum wage, they compare people making the minimum wage and less to animals.  They say these people have no skills, are uneducated, and are lazy, but lets be honest, they aren't.  Someone who works at Micky-D's stands in a kitchen the entirety of their shift, cooking, cleaning, and dealing with the public.  Normally with a smile, no matter how poorly they are treated by their employers, or customers.  But if the comments about minimum wage workers being lazy without skill and or education, weren't bad enough, they seem to think that by removing the minimum wage it will improve things. 

 Boy are they mistaken.  See, here is how I see this little party going down.  They kill the minimum wage, they get there way.  Do you think that the price of goods (food, power, gasoline) would drop instantly.  Hell no, it would take weeks for that to take effect.  That's if it took effect at all.  People on the government dime would likely triple, as would the payouts to these people.  Remember its based on your income and the number of kids you have.  People like me, without children, might just go into crime to eat.  All the while, the rich will suffer for it as well.  See, when the prices take time to come down, if they come down, their profit margins will go to shit also.  Even if prices came down, so would their profit.  That makes the rich very unhappy, more unhappy than a minimum wage, but they are once again looking short term.

 See there are two trains of thought.  I am a long-term thinker.  I think about what is going to benefit the most over the long-term.  Too many people in this nation are short-term, they think about this day, tomorrow, next week, next month, so on and so forth.  The problem the GOP is they are short-term thinkers.  What will keep me in a job right now, what will make my donors happy right now.  And when you are running a county, a state, or a country, you cannot think about the short term.  You have to adopt a long-term mindset.  What will benefit people now versus what will benefit people in a decade.  Then you do some of the things that benefit people now, but more of the things that will benefit people in a decade.  I am using a decade as an example, but anything more than two or three decades is too long of a period to think ahead of, to many variables to consider. 

Really, the problem is the GOP seems to look at all the groups I listed as subhuman.  If these groups are not human, it allows for them to disregard their religion, and their morals, so they can treat these people anyway they want, because they aren't really people.  They are animals, they have no soul, they have no emotions, they do not feel pain, they do not suffer.  But we are human, everyone has skills, everyone learns, many people like me are college educated (not some crap degree in music comp), and if the minimum wage were for unskilled uneducated people we would work on that for a month and suddenly get a pay raise.  But that never seems to happen, we go to work for minimum wage, and work for that until we are either promoted or find a better job.  But when we find that better job it is held against us if we job hop. 

You know, if the GOP is so against the minimum wage, look at the countries with higher wages than us, look at their economies.  Look at countries with no minimum wage, and what the country is like.  See the minimum wage is needed, just like taxes.  It gives people a fighting chance.  #Raisethewage

Edit:  I forgot about Rick Perry and his nonsense.  So you Texans think your economy is booming...  According to Rick the Dick it is.  95% of all jobs created in The Lone Star State have paid "above minimum wage."  I guess so, since anything less is illegal.  For something to qualify as above minimum wage it just needs to be a cent higher.  When I think above minimum wage I am thinking a few dollars higher than the current.  Since it is 7.25 an hour, I would say 9.25 would be above minimum wage.  Anything below that is still the minimum wage, depending on job experience, education level, and average starting salary for said job, assuming those are less than 9.25 an hour.  He wants to focus on the maximum wage.  Its not what I thought, and its not what you think either.  Alright to give some credit, he seems to think that we can drive wages up by creating jobs.  He is correct.  You can increase wages by raising employment.  The problem is, when all the jobs pay the same thing, there is no drive to increase wages to keep employees.  They stay with a single crappy job.  I would have left one job years before I eventually did, if something came along that paid better.  What he says is he wants to raise wages in a natural way, but what he wants is more crap paying jobs where there is no competition creating wage increases.