Thursday, May 1, 2014

Judge Judy's Murican Dream

I live with people who constantly watch reality television.  One of the shows they watch is Judge Judy.  I find reality television distasteful, but reality courtroom television to be even worse.  It gives some pretty false impressions on how the system works, sorry, Judges worth their salt really don't spit venom as some of the reality televisions do.  And when they do, its because some pretty venomous stuff has been flying before hand.So, onto Ms. Judy Sheindlin.  Yeah, the one that berates people for about 2 hours a day on some local channels.  Before you ask, yes, she was a lawyer, and yes she retired as a real judge nearly twenty years ago.  Go figure, ever lie in reality has a shred of truth about it.  According to sources I found, she heard around 20,000 cases in her real career.  But after that we have this fake reality television courtroom deal. 

Far be it for me to knock someone cashing in.  I mean hell, if I could cash in on being homeless and unemployed in America circa 2014, I would.  If I could cash in on the decades of experience farming, oh hell yeah, I would be the first in line for that.  But here is the thing, the Judge verbally abuses people on air, and they are paid well for it, cool.  If you derive pleasure from it, thats your deal.  What I have a problem with is when a case comes up on this show and well, rather than the law she starts spouting off political or moral views.  Her political or moral views.

So today on her show, we had the norm.  I rarely pay attention to it, sorry I find puncturing my eardrums preferable than her, her show, or shows like hers (except that Judge Alex guy he seems kind of comical).  She starts ranting about why America has gone down the crapper, and how America would be if she was in charge.  At that point my eyes roll, because I really do not want to imagine this, but since I did not have the remote, I got an ear full anyways.

While I was not paying attention to the case itself, what she said did catch my attention.  See, in her mind America has gone down the shitter because employers cannot just arbitrarily fire you or I for any reason.  Basically an employer cannot specifically fire you because you are Gay, have facial hair, you are a different religion, etc, etc, etc.  Sure they can do it in some areas, but it is typically frowned upon, and you have legal recourse if it happens to you, unless you go on Judge Judy's show.  See that is the real problem with America, in some areas you can be fired for adhering to your religious faiths (unless its christian), you can be fired for having facial hair (even if it is well kept), you can be fired based on mere rumors that you are gay.  In some places (and I know this has happened) you can be fired for becoming pregnant.  And Judy here sees no issue with that. 

But here we go, more libertarian crap.  She seems to feel that a government of and by the people only applies to "responsible" people.  What is a responsible person exactly?  Someone who works regularly, someone who rents a slum rather than buying a home?  See responsibility comes in many forms, but she is only looking at one aspect.  I pay my bills as I can, when I can, and spend what I have free after debts, and tried to save.  But because I take odd jobs (and write this blog) to pay the bills at the moment, I am not responsible.  Its the best I can do at the moment, its not like people are beating down the door right now.  Maybe she can get me a job as the Bailiff on her show?  You know spell that poor bloke that has to listen to her constantly.

Of course, she seems to feel that the government has created a nation of infants unable to take the next step up in responsibility.  People should have the amount of kids they can afford, according to Judy.  Yeah, for the bulk of us that would be the exact number I have currently.  Zero!  Yeah, if you are responsible you will have only the number of kids you can afford, currently.  Well, since the future isn't in blood and all that, I recommend that no man ever "frees Willy". 

But never one to shy away from idiocy, she continues explaining that we have also promised to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves.  Alright, I see no real problem with that.  I mean you have a kid, and the boyfriend/hubby ditches, finds a way to get out of paying any kind of support, why should that child suffer?  But she goes on to say that alcoholism and drug addiction are not disabilities.  Ignorance at its finest.  Without getting into the subtle details of addiction, let me explain it to you.  You first make a choice, with some variables that are unknown.  You choose to drink/use drugs, from the moment that hits your brain it starts rewiring your brain.  It is no longer the same.  But here is what Judy does not take into account; some people have a genetic disposition towards addiction.  I can take or leave alcohol, I always have been able to.  But my brothers, not so much.  They battled those demons, one still does, the other the demons won.  The remaining is an addict, he will always be an addict, and about the time he gets things going in a decent direction, it comes back and bests him again.

Yeah, in a Fox News interview, she continues other various rants against mediocrity.  The only thing I can even remotely touch that she has said, if your kid is a bully, and you the parent have been made aware of it, and do nothing, you should be held civilly or criminally responsible.  Wait... Doesn't that promote a mediocre student?  Shouldn't the bullied student just "Man Up," strive to be successful in the face of being tormented.

Well, that leaves me using one of her quotes, I find she should listen to it, because I don't quiet think she understands what her Grandmother was telling her.  "Beauty fades, but stupid is forever."  Well, she might be book smart, but she isn't very person smart.  Beyond that she is a hypocrite, and we really need to start cancelling these reality television shows, because they promote a false sense of reality, and they promote the stupidity of mediocre people.  You know the very thing she rails against.  Oh as for the start of the rant, her vision of America is the Murica style.  You know, if you are responsible you have a job, but one where you can be fired for any reason that the employer sees fit, while you are left being irresponsible with no recourse.