Saturday, May 17, 2014

Prick of the Week (5/11 to 5/17)

Ah, the senior and junior Pauls.  Ron and Rand.  But we do not have two pricks of the week this week, we have just one, because one of them said something that really pissed me off this week.  If you guess Rand, you are this weeks winner.  So, lets tell you what he said to raise my ire this time, as if he hasn't said enough.

This week alone, yeah in one week he continued his war on the war on poverty.  In his twisted little lizard brain, he honestly thinks that slave wages, you know the wages that have people working full time jobs living in poverty, are perfectly acceptable.  I mean what could be worse?

He has moved onto justifying this crap.  He was recorded as saying that poverty wages, what I and others call slave wages are just a "tough life that people have to accept."  No, a tough life is being born with a mental illness, it is being born deformed, it is the men and women who enlist, go to war, and come back crippled in mind and body.  A tough life is being the victim of a crime, and none of those things are acceptable to many people.  Even his own constituents.  Nobody should have to accept that life is tough, and I am not meaning the normal type of tough.  Life is hard, it is ugly at times, it is not fair, it never was, it never will be, but this is a different type of tough, one that shouldn't happen.  The problem is, he wants people to accept this added degree of difficulty because of his policies and those of his GOP peers.  Life would likely be easier if we hadn't deregulated in the late 90's, or had the resulting economic blow up in 2008.  Where would we all be if we had just left things alone with Glass Steagall.

He views it as "tough love", in true mythical compassionate conservative style and flair.  Yeah it is tough love, it is a justification to allow his donors, the big box stores to treat people like crap.  It is a rationalization.  It doesn't help them in the long run, unless everything is going to magically get better in the next week or month, and these people will be making enough to instantly be teleported into the middle class.  As it stands it is nothing more than abuse.  Places like Wal-Mart do nothing more than abuse their employees.  Hey you don't like the way we treat you here, go somewhere else, when they know the job prospects are pretty lousy everywhere, so people are trapped. 

Really, despite all of our current rage, we are still trapped in a maze, and we won't be getting out until we put people like Rand Paul and his peers in their place.  Sadly that place is the unemployment line, but that will never happen, because companies like Wal-Mart, and people like the Koch Brothers will never allow it, and should we still win, they will go to work lobbying on their behest.  The only difference is, they won't be passing the laws, they will be writing them and getting people to pass them.