Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Hit... I mean the BNP Youth...

The video above is that of the British National Party Youth.  Its a short one, and I do think they have some points, but overall, I tend to agree with one article I read, the future racists of the United Kingdom, and possibly the world.  See, we have this element here, we call it the Tea Party.

I mean they start off on the wrong foot for me.  They start talking about the forced assimilation of other cultures into their own.  Ah great, people from other cultures, religions, and countries are ruining my country (sound familiar).  Next the go into their countries national debt, asking who is responsible for that.  That is a good question to ask, really it is.  They ask who is responsible for all the money they spend on aid to other countries, while their own suffer (I have asked that one myself).  And so the questions keep coming.  But for my American Friends and readers, does this sound familiar to you?

Finally about a minute in, we get an answer.  An "unholy alliance".  Who makes up this unholy alliance you ask?  Well, after listening to a mix of socialism and teabaggers, I was really confused.  I mean they rail against austerity programs (something most liberals and socialists do), and then go full retard tea bagger two seconds later.  Well, the first party who makes up this unholy alliance, "The Banksters".  You know those greedy pricks who played games with the stock markets, and money.  The ones that couldn't keep their greed in check, and practically nuked every economy in the world, betting against bets that nobody really understood.  Ah, I knew my own would be in this, see when they say Zionist, the mean Jews, who apparently secretly control the world.  I must bring this up at the next meeting, I am far too poor for being in that position, and someone has been talking about it way too much.  Next, "Cultural Marxists"?  Give me a few minutes, I need to see what that is. 

Cultural Marxism argues that what appear as traditional cultural phenomena intrinsic to Western society, for instance the drive for individual acquisition associated with capitalism, nationalism, the nuclear family, gender roles, race and other forms of cultural identity; are historically recent developments that help to justify and maintain hierarchy.
Okay so people who argue that the capitalism, nationalism, gender roles, race and cultural identity are recent developments of society are to blame for everything turning to shit?  Just because these things are used to maintain and justify the current hierarchy...  Um, alright, that is was little mind bending to me.  I fight against all those things, because they are inherently wrong.  There is one race, human, there is one gender role, whatever the heck you want it to be.  Okay, now that we... Have... That....  The Capitalists who want us to be wage slaves, and mindless consumers...  Wait, what?  You are railing against people who say those things are wrong, and are a recent development in society, and they against the very ones who people like that rail against?  Are you people just that ignorant, or do you just hate everyone?

The "militant homosexuals" who push for gay marriage and gay adoption just to undermine the normal human family.  Sorry, I know some fairly vocal gays, I won't call them militant until they start picking up guns and using them.  That is militant.  Hell, for as assholed as I am, I'm not even militant.  Oh, this is good, the media because they refuse to "discuss hate crimes against the whites, while pandering to the likes of "Baron Vance Lawrence (couldn't understand what she was saying)."  Yeah, alright...  The media does tend to kiss the asses of specific people, but if anything, it is typically to support one party or the other.  They want their land to be for their people, their culture (xenophobia should sound familiar).  They want their people to be first when it comes to charity and jobs, which I can agree with, charity starts in your own backyard.  Sort out your own problems before you start meddling in other nations issues.  Speaking of which, I am not advocating the entirety of their statement, just some of them, like take care of your own countrymen/women, not the xenophobic crap.  They want the traditional family.  I hope those young ladies are prepared to be married off for some silver, sheep and 3 goats, because that is what marriage was all about until recently.  Anyway they go onto say that they want corporations to be owned by the public for the public, oh hell yeah, I want that too.  Its so socialist of them to agree with me.  They want the banks reformed (I assume government take over), the banksters punished, and the debt wiped.  They want businesses regulated so they cannot form monopolies over the people.  So skipping some of this, I don't want to ruin all your fun.  So, they are asking they are demanding (they are approaching the militant type speech now).  Of course, I can't help but chuckle about the price we will pay for the cowardly actions of previous leaders (of course we have that issue here).  .  OMG, these people are so like my BBFs man.  I mean now they have gone full communist.  I love them and their antisemitic racists homophobic ways.  I want half of that world, and before they get to the if you aren't white just die, we can send them to Venus or something.

Anyway, sorry I just completely wasted 3 minutes of your life that you will never ever be able to get back.  But, I wanted to comment on it, since they have comments on their video blocked, I wonder why.  Anti-Muslim, antisemitic, homophobic, xenophoblic, antisocialist yet socialist group sounds familiar to me.  It should, its the British version of the tea party.   They want their welfare checks, but they don't want others to have access to it.  They want their country full of white blonde hair blue eye straight christian people.