Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Second Prick of the Day.. Charile Crist...?

Wait... Charlie Crist... Former Governor of the Sunshine State.  Previously a Republican.  Did lots of Republican things.  Didn't he?  Well it turns out he wasn't the normal GOP guy.  He supported Obama, and did some fairly liberal things.  He never really towed the line in terms of the GP rhetoric.  So, it is not big surprise that he dumped the GOP in 2010 before they went completely off the rails.

The last I had heard, he had gone Independent.  Siding with whomever he felt was right.  Well that was an interesting start, but I recently found out he had come to the darkside, according to the right.  He campaigned for Obama, supported the bailout, and well he is a "Global Warming Alarmist", while initially being against offshore drilling before being for it.  Oh yeah, he also sided with McCain, and while senile, needing to hang up the suit, the man does try to reason with his peers.  A sheep in wolfs clothing?  No not really, just one more astute politician. 

So, why exactly did he dump and run on the party of No?  Well, the man has some thoughts on it, and while he might be a conservative at heart, I think it is the mask he wore for so long that he actually believed it was his reflection in the mirror.  Anyway, he ran from the party that got him many of the positions he held in his career because he said the were intolerably racist.  Ouch, its pretty bad when one of your former poster-boys turns on you labeling you as racist.  But the man went further saying that they are "anti-women, anti-minority, anti-gay, anti-education, anti-environment."  Followed by the whole of the party went off a cliff.

Wait, he isn't a prick.  I mean he basically said, and well went on to say, that he couldn't be consistent with who he was, or what he believed while being a member of the party.  I really think he became offended by a lack of working with the president.  And well, that is stand up character, even if the guy is a prick in many ways.

So who is the second prick of the day?  That would be Marco Rubio.  Yeah, the guy Crist ran as independent against.  See, Rubio seems to feel that Crist is phony, a fraud.  See Rubio seems to feel that even the Democratic Party will be embarrassed by Crist by the end of elections.  He further commented that Crist was untrustworthy, and he is embarrassing which ever party he belongs to by saying the things he is saying.  Um, yeah, okay...  Why be embarrassed by something you say when its the freaking truth?  I mean we are talking about the trustworthy man, whose family immigrated from Cuba, who voted against the bill he wrote just because the Democratic Party decided to vote in favor of it.  I mean how much more trustworthy do you want someone to be.  And while we are on the subject Rubio has missed over 7% of all roll call votes in his Senate Career.  While you might not see that as important, I do.  He wants to talk about a guy being untrustworthy when it comes to the important stuff in this Nation, but several dozen times, he was a no show on a vote.  Sure they might have been something trivia to you or I, what would happen if you or I missed 7% of our work days in three years, without a damn good reason.  Yeah, we would get fired. 

Yeah Crist might be a prick, but Rubio is a bigger prick.  Sadly he cannot be voted out of office until 2017, unless some random scandal forces him out to pasture like Grimm.  Oh wait, he managed to weasel out of one when he was running for his job in the Senate.  See he was never really cleared of living off his campaign funds.  Turns out Florida has some lax laws in that regard.  Oh yeah he said it was an honest mistake.  Sorry, I have never made that honest mistake when at a store, and I have only done that one time in my life, while paying something online.  I paid a phone bill out of my personal funds, rather than my parents funds.  It was something they were going to pay, but me using my funds, rather than their funds to pay a joint bill, is drastically different than using GOP money to pay for personal things. 

And lets talk about his family story.  I can honestly say, from what I was told, my Great Grandmother and my Grandfather immigrated to the US from Poland after WWII, apparent survivors of the Holocaust.  Can I prove it, right now no.  However, Rubio claims that his parents were exiled from Cuba after Castro took power.  The problem is, they came here two years before Castro took power.  So, he claims as I do, I was told that, but here is the problem.  I cannot currently prove or disprove what I say, if someone can prove or disprove it, I will listen intently.  We can disprove what Rubio says, yet he still says it.