Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prick of the week (04-27 to 05/03)

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a real winner this week.  I have tried to stay away from the Cliven B
Bundy deal.  I mean the guys last name is Bundy, and for those of you who are old enough, this might just conjure visions of poor Al.  The shoe salesman who has three leeches living with him, as he works a dead end job that paid the minimum wage of the day in Chicago.  Fun fact, Ed O'Neil was a football player just like the character he portrayed.  He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and remained with the team until he broke his leg, Al his character broke his leg in college which ended his career.
So, at this point, you must think that I am bestowing the prick of the week award to Cliven Bundy.  You would be mistaken, even if he does deserve it for being a leech like Wal-Mart, or because he is a racist like a lot of people.  But this week it goes to Michael Vanderboegh.  Who is this prick, and why did he make it to the top of a very large list?
Ah, you might remember him from his time as the founder and leader of the Alabama Minuteman Support Team, the 3%ers militia, or various other groups.  Yeah, he is out at the Bundy Ranch, along with two other militia groups, the more nuts the nuttier the cake becomes right?  So outside of he supporting the leech Bundy, why is he on this list.  Well, I am sad you asked.

Lincoln, at the time of his inauguration, began the most evil Administration that this country had ever witnessed UP TO THAT DATE--March, 1861.
Jefferson Davis and the rest of the secessionists were peaceful heroes who simply wished to fade with their constituency into the mists of history. They did not wish war at all. Their one big mistake was firing on Fort Sumter which gave the dictator Lincoln the excuse to send down his troops and attempt to stop the insurrection.
The next worst president of the United States of America was FDR.  Followed by Obama and he hates John McCain.
 Of course he hates all the programs that FDR created, yet he also collects Social Security Disability.  You know from the government that he says has corrupted the Constitution.   Did I mention that he said he wants to rip Harry Reid's balls off?  Might be hard to do with his high blood pressure and bad ticker.  He might see the size of Reid's balls and have a massive heart attack or fatal stroke before he even gets there.  See I remember a time in the not so distant past that if someone had said something like that, some nice gentlemen in suits would have paid you a visit, and had a little talk with you about making such comments. 

As mentioned a few times, not all speech is free, nor is it equal.  He throws out there that militias should never attack the innocent, nor should they make the mistakes of liberty minded folk like Jefferson Davis did (see the attack on Ft. Sumpter).  He thinks that protects him, and today it might, but it shouldn't.  This guy is advocating for a full blown violent revolution, and while I am not the least bit happy with the way things are going, I put most of the blame on the Tea-nut groups, and corporations.  I also blame the majority of Republicans for not having any balls to tell them to sit down and shut up.  I also blame the Democratic Party for the same reasons.  If at any point, they (the majority of Republicans and the entirety of the Democratic Party) actually did their damn job things would start getting better.  Now I do not put the bulk of the blame on liberals in office, or liberals in general, we are forced to work within a very broken system, a system broke by the GOP and its fringe.  They refused to reign in the fringe, keep it under thumb, and I feel that is because the majority of the GOP actually like and agree with the fringe.

The sad thing is, this guy goes even further.  He openly called for vandalism against the Democratic Party.  He openly stated that he would violate any laws which seek to "disarm" the citizens, going so far as to say he would smuggle guns into these states.  He even wrote a tactics guild for the new civil war, one in which militias should rely on snipers (sharp shooters).  On top of collecting government checks for his alleged illnesses, he wrote a book that came out as anti-Gay and strongly second amendment (which bugs me), with a plot that included not only a nasty shoot out between an armed gunman and police (happens weekly these days), but plans to wage war against the government.  Then there is this quote:
“At least later on you can say you tried everything else before you were forced to shoot people in righteous self-defense of life and liberty.”
 Made 11-06-2012 before the election.  This comes from an email attributed to him, sent to the State Police of Connecticut:
“I personally violated this unconstitutional and tyrannical act by smuggling and by the encouragement of smuggling, defiance and non-compliance on the part of your state’s citizens,” 
That was after the Newtown shooting.  I mean the guy has being riddle with bullet holes or a drone to the face coming.  Oh, wait, there is one more thing that gives this guy the prick of the week award... Hell, this guy gets the prick of the new century award as it stands right now just for this alone.  Its not bad enough that he has said and done so many things that should have gotten him a one way trip to a deep dark hole, but then when Connecticut passed new gun control laws in an attempt to protect its citizens from insane assholes like him, he responds by posting the names, home addresses, home phone numbers, photos of them and their families to the internet.  Yeah, politicians are public figures, but they like an actor do deserve some sense of privacy when they are in their own home.  And even when you disagree with what they do, it does not give you a right to invade their space when they are off the clock.  If you really dislike what they do, send them an email, call their office, make an appointment at their office, do not gather their personal information and show up at their home (you might get shot yourself). 

So Michael "Bundy" Vanderboegh, you have been bestowed the prick of the week for many reasons.  The largest reason is leeching off the system you so badly hate.  Your wife works, live off her, not me and the other liberal communists you so badly want to see engage the government in a pointless civil war.  If you are going to call for revolution, drop the SS Disability check, pick up your rifle and march on DC with your troops, get it over already.  Don't talk with your paper asshole.