Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Distractions According to the GOP

Here forth comes some of the list of distractions this current administration has used to take your attention away from Benghazi.  Following this list, there will be a second list of what the GOP has been trying to hide while hiding behind Benghazi.
The AP Spying Scandal:  This is a really major one.  So major in fact, I don't recall hearing anything about it.  But when has that ever stopped Glenn Beck?  So, I figured, alright the AP is spying on people, you know like the Fox Noise guy was doing in the UK.  But I was wrong... This is the NSA spying deal by a different name.  Time to drop the tent and head to ground again, before the NSA satellite positions me again. 

Big Bird:  Yeah, the giant yellow bird of PBS fame is in on it.  Thats right, that infernal bird was there, witnessed the whole thing.  Wait, did he just pick up a gun and shoot that man?  Alright, lets be serious, rather than give credence to a dead issue, he roasted on Romney over comments he would cut spending to PBS.  A station that I will point out, that has educational programing that is free to the public, well basically free to the public.  Many lower income children watch the shows on that channel, many of said shows are fairly education, as memory serves.  It also had the cool hippy happy tree guy.  RIP Happy Tree hippy guy. 

Bring Back Our Girls:  Yeah, apparently Obama is some grand mastermind who managed to kidnap a bunch of young Christian girls from a third world country, and has managed to hid them for a while, whilst converting them to Islam, before he sells them as sex slaves.  Basically some pundits who are just pissed off because they got bounced from a previous job are comparing this movement, of which the Obama's apparently support as a Wag the Dog moment.  Yeah, I don't think it has been much more than a tweet with Ms. Obama with a sign saying Bring Back Our Girls.  But it apparently is a distraction from Benghazi.

Climate Change:  Yeah, the Earth heating up faster than it has in the last several million years is just cover for four dead Americans in Benghazi.  Oh yeah, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is about to explode.  Not literally, water doesn't really explode the last time I checked, but it is about to give way, and melt faster, which will increase the rate of Climate Change.  Potentially we might see in the next hundred years most of the landmarks we love and visit sitting under water.  Who knows in 500 years they might rediscover the Jefferson Memorial and wonder, who was this guy?

Gay Rights and Michael Sam:  ARRRGHMYGAWD!!!! So, it a very late congratulations #MichaelSam who was drafted by a team I don't like.  I'd have been slightly more happy for the guy if my own team had drafted him, the first openly gay professional football player.  But the gays are also getting the right to marry, and it is a distraction from the really important issue of Benghazi.

That was just painful, but here is what the GOP has been hiding from, from behind Benghazi.

Failure to raise or even consider raising the minimum wage for the working slaves of America.  Several attempted repeals of the PPACA.  A worthless budget plan.  Calls to reduce social safety nets once again. No jobs bill. Pushing insane anti-abortion bills.  Tax cuts for the 1%.  Comparing the PPACA to the Holocaust.  A government shutdown created when they refused to work with anyone outside of their own party.  More filibusters, including the reading of Green Eggs and Ham.  The death of Net Neutrality, and refusal to act on overturning Citizens United.  And that is not even close to a quarter of the crap they have done while hiding behind Benghazi.