Thursday, May 29, 2014

Murica... Yeah

So, today on the nightly news, the winner of the American Strong deal was a homeless high school student who is the Valedictorian.  Hey, that is cool, I know.  It is hard to put yourself through college while couch surfing.  However, I will one up him, since his friends who knew raised forty thousand dollars for him to go to college.  I put myself through college couch surfing, working a minimum wage paying job.  He just had tons of praise heaped on him, deserved to be sure, but he is not the only one.  I later heard a story about a school that has 600 homeless students.  They are not getting all that attention. 

Really, America is piss poor.  That is one school or school district.  I came in at the end of the story.  600 homeless students.  The richest nation in the world, or as so many like to call it.  Really, it is piss poor.  A country that can spend billions on killing, billions on rebuilding countries we destroy, and yet we still have poverty.  We still have homelessness.  We have people spit on because they are gay, or they are this or that.  We have the elderly eating Alpo dog food, or whatever they can find cheapest so they can eat, and do things like… I do not know… Take their medications so they can live… Alternatively, pay their rent…  Maybe even have electricity so they can have heat and air conditioning.  Maybe they squander it away on that annoying internet fad.  Or newfangled cellular phones.  That stuff poor people are never supposed to have.

We have those things in the United States, and in the so called richest, most powerful nation in the world, we should not have these things.  We should not have one child going hungry in the richest nation of the world.  We should not have one person going hungry, or troubled by money.  More so when they are actually working, or are legitimately disabled.  You know what.  America is not the problem.  It is like a loaded gun.  Completely powerless without an idiot ready to squeeze the trigger.  We the people are the problem. 

We would rather help those outside or nation, before we help those within.  We would rather help someone who may or may not exist, before we help a man we see.  Sure, some people do help their friends and neighbors.  Those are good people; they are not idiots, they are what America was about, what it should be about.  Have I offended thee yet?  Have I made you think about anything, in all the posts here? 

Wright was correct when he said “God damn America”.  God damn a country and it’s citizens that would allow a child to starve.  God damn a country and it’s citizens that would allow people to be homeless.  God damn the GOP for saying that every homeless person is homeless because the homeless want to be.  The homeless are nothing more than lazy drunkards or drug addicts who do not want anything more out of their lives.  God damn a government that does nothing to protect us from the predatory practices of lenders, and businesses.  That includes a living wage, in case you are too dense to understand it.  God damn a country and it’s people that refuse to accept that gays, women, Jews, Muslims, the poor/working poor and others are people, just as they are.  If I left your particular group out, I apologize.  God damn a country that floats from war to war, only respecting the rights of fetuses and soldiers until they come home mangled in body and spirit (mind).  After you are born, it doesn’t apparently give a shyt about you, until you turn 18 and can enlist, then it does not give a shyt about you if you are unlucky enough to become damaged, or otherwise try to exercise your right to a decent education.

How about we try this path for the first time in at least three decades.  If you are going to feed a child for a day in some other country, that is lousy, start here.  Feed that hungry person you passed in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  That poor SOB probably works there.  How about you stop worrying about your neighbors vagina and what might come out of it due to an abortion, and worry about the 20% of children living in poverty (hint, it’s not their fault, they do not want that, and last I checked, they did not ask for it either).  Why do you not take 5 minutes and check in on the neighbor lady across the street from your trailer.  You never know, she might enjoy the company, she might need some extra help, but shame and regret prevent her from groveling at your feet.  Maybe that guy you think is too good to flip burgers is sitting on a Ph.D, working whatever day jobs he can find until he can get a good paying job.  It has nothing to do with being too good for that type of job, it is that he has to have something to eat on, and he might not be able to get welfare, or otherwise suck off the government tit.  And one last thing before I go.  Stop worry about who Adam is screwing in the sack, and do not even bother worrying about Adam and Steve wanting the same ability as you to get hitched.  Yeah, I am a Rabbi, I can marry anyone I damn well choose, and as soon as it is legal across this nation for two men or two women to get married, I would love to be one of the first in my state marry them.  That’s right, as half-baked as I am I would perform the ceremony for a gay couple in a nanosecond.  Because I am a human being, I treat people as I wish to be treated.  Sadly I am not treated all that great, because humanity, specifically most Americans suck.