Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prick of the Week?

Yeah, this week there might just be two pricks of the week.  Seems Thom Tillis is in the lead currently, and with all fairness, someone else might just take the win, but I am not opposed to co-winners of the award.

So how did this practically unknown man surge from North Carolina to win?  He has a solid idea about how to get the GOP in the winners circle.  Turn the poor against other people who are poor.  And you know, it just might work because we the people of the United States are stupid enough to just buy that crap.

Basically, his plan is to divide and conquer the poor.  Get the respect of those who are ill and "really need" the assistance, while getting those people to look down on those who choose to live off the government teet.  You see, he is willing to take care of their babies, but not them.  So, how to ensure that the money these kids get goes to the kids, not the parents and the kids?  Yeah, I am thinking more government or more NSA cameras, probably in the home. 

He wants to stop the spending spree mindset of other legislators.  Good, maybe he will cut military spending, and refocus on things that can grow the economy, you know like infrastructure or education?  That would be a nice start, but the problem will be that social programs will be cut, rather than the elephant in the room.  Adamant he is about cutting taxes, so much so that he is willing to continuing deepening the tax cuts that have been putting the government further behind since the 1980's.  Have you ever noticed that when taxes are higher the economy starts booming, and does so for prolonged periods?  Reagan lowered taxes, then closed loopholes to mixed results, bush and Clinton raised them, and things were looking fairly decent.  Bush II lowered them, and shit hit the fan.  Go figure that one out?  Anyway, he seems to feel that by lowering taxes that more businesses will come in.  The problem is, their effective tax rate now is practically zero, and where are they?  Yeah, thats what I say.

He voted for defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.  Sorry, but like most GOP issues, they are wrong on this one.  Marriage should be between two consenting adults.  And if you want to go all biblical on this, it is between the people and God, not you/me and the people and God.  Same with abortion, and various other things the GOP seems to stand against.

And you are saying you disagree with him.  Suck it up little lady, you lost.
"I think for the most part, what I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers, they lost, they don't like it, and they are going to try to do everything they can to cast doubt on things that I think are wise and that the average citizen will like."
 Just another thin skinned GOPer who wants you to think he knows what is best, when the higher ups of his own party feel that they do not know what is best.  All they know is they are against the poor, the gays, women, minorities, and well, just about everyone who isn't white, christian, and rich.  Oh, and from his website, when you click on profile, it goes to Wikipedia. I can only laugh hysterically about that one.