Friday, March 14, 2014

What happened to?

Ah Gandhi, a very wise man, decades before his time, well, even today I do not see the man fitting in.  A nonconformist of the highest, and most exalted level.  I am not a christian, I do not really know much of the New Testament, and well, I was always under the impression that the quote there, from Gandhi, was in that text.

So as I write this, I am looking at an article in which a "preacher" from NYC stays that Jesus, a man respected by Gandhi, would stone gay people.  Now, my first thought is something else Gandhi said, "Jesus is ideal and wonderful, but you christians; you are not like him."  That coming from a man who tried his best to teach us to love each other, to settle out disputes peaceably.   Even Martin Luther King Jr., took something from the man, the idea that violence is not the answer.

But I keep coming back to this sign, in front of a christian church, the actions of the wbc, the cogi, the catholics during and after WWII, and others.  I still find that while their Messiah taught love and peace, they are nothing like it.  Sure, some of his actions would indicate that he was passive aggressive, and that in a real way Jesus was every bit sadistic as his alleged father, The Almighty, but I tend to focus on his words, not his actions.  Words carry more weight in some cases, actions in others.  I try to find the balance in the two, if I say something, I will back it up.

So what exactly does the bible say about Gandhi's quote?  Well, it does not say the exact same thing, well it does, but not word for word.  It actually infers that the Almighty loves all humanity, but hates sin.  I would also point out that Jesus died for these sins, wiping the slate clean for all people, as long as they "accept him".  The problem I have is the hypocrisy shown by most. 

They throw stones, when they have sinned, and lets be clear, I cannot point out a specific one, because there are many sins.  Maybe +Spirit Guide, or +Larry Dillon can point the numbers out to us.  Both at one time have been christian preachers.  They sin daily, as we all do, yet they are the first to condemn nonbelievers, gays, people living out of wedlock, and whatever else you can think of at the drop of a hat. 

As the religion stands today, it promotes hatred, and fear.  Sure, it is not every single christian who draws a breath today, but you, yes you, the one in the back there, the one who sees what I do, you of the christian faith who says nothing, you are just as guilty as the ones spreading hatred under the banner of your lord and savior.  First solve your religions issues, then go about "trying" to save everyone else from Hell.