Friday, March 7, 2014

This is a call to arms!

I repeat.  This is a call to arms! For every able bodied man, and woman, 18 to 120, no matter where you stand, no matter where you are in this country, straight or gay, black, white or brown, Atheist, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, this is where we must draw the line in the sand.  If you are not political, you must become political.

As I sit here, writing this blog, basically speaking to small handfuls of people, you are being lied to.  It is not just a little lie.  You are being given misinformation by the media, all parts of it.  You are never told the whole of the truth, less you would become outraged.  I am not the type to come on, give a hellfire and brimstone type speech to people, but this is one of the few times I will.

This nation is in trouble, our nation.  The nation where people bleed for freedom, the freedom of others.  The Natives fought to protect this land, and were dumped.  African Americans fought for this nation, and were returned to slavery.  Yet, these same men fought for the freedom of their brothers, only to be crushed back down.  If you believe this or not, women fought on the front lines to free this nation from the British rule.  Atheists, Wiccans, Native Americans, African Americans bled on the fields of Europe and Asia, all the way to Iraq for this country, and how is their service repaid, congress jobbing them.

The poor in this country are nothing more than modern slaves.  Working for a small penitence of what their slave holders earn from their brow.  300 hundred dollars to every 1 dollar you get, these people make off you and I.  They don't care about you, they steal your retirement, they work you into a grave, and smile all the way to the bank.  If they profit is endangered by a dollar they lay ten of us off.  We are a dime a dozen, we can be replaced by any number of children in some other third world nation.  The hold our jobs over our heads, like a carrot in front of a donkey.  They laugh, and if you manage to survive long enough to retire, they might give you a party, they might give you a watch, but most likely you are ushered out of the building, or silently let go.  But that is only after they have wrenched every last penny out of you they could.

They want to keep us peasants happy you see, because if they didn't keep us fat and sassy like the sheep we are, we would topple their grand plans.  They rape our environment, while proclaiming regulations kill jobs.  They don't kill jobs, they kill profit.  You see, they do not worship the same Gods we do, they do not live in a world without a god, they live in a world where MONEY is god.  Money is king in this world, and they lull you into the false belief that if you work hard enough, pray hard enough, get lucky enough that you will become one of them.  But the truth is, unless you hit a master stroke in luck, work yourself into oblivion, and pray until your vocal cords rip out of your body, you will never become one of them, not today.

This is not the end my friends, this is the beginning.  This is the beginning of the fight for everything you ever dreamed of as you grew up, and heard how your ancestors came to this land.  This is the fight for everything your ancestors dreamed of when the Europeans came to this land.  It is time we showed not only our government, but these CEO's, and all those who oppress the people, what our true metal is.  I am not going to call for a day or week long black out, where we do nothing but the bare minimal, they will simply laugh at the thought.  To many of you are asleep at the wheel to go with it.

So concerned that your little world might get damaged.  So afraid of the consequences of what might happen.  Sure a day or week of not buying gas will hurt big oil, but they will make more profit when we go back to them.  If no one showed up to work, we would be replaced at the drop of a hat, but people who are that desperate for a chance out.  We do not need take up arms, less the cause is already lost.  We take up our arms, they become the victim, we become the very villainy we are trying to overthrow.  We have something more powerful than a nuclear weapon in our ranks.  The power of our vote.

This year, we are heading into an election, it is time that we all find our way to the ballot box, and we vote.  And we keep voting.  We remove these people who seem to think that we do not matter.  We keep removing them until we get our point across, and if that means we have a revolving door in the congress so be it.  The price we pay for allowing the same old crap to occur will kill us all.  It will leave us with no voice.  It will leave us with no clean air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, it will all be tainted and polluted by greed.

It has already tainted the offices of this land, left areas unfit for human habitation.  And this will only get worse.  The likes of Fox News, Rush, and Beck, they all lie to you, beholden to their political sponsors, who are beholden to their corporate masters.  Keep telling yourselves that people like Paul, Ryan, Bachmann, and the other tea partiers have what is best for you, and this nation at heart.  They have profit, death and destruction at heart.  They seek a nation that is nothing more than a plutocracy.  They do not want free thinkers, they do not want people who can even think.  They want masses of people who are too tired, too hungry, too sick, too afraid to fight back against what they want.

I hear people talking about a New World Order, as if it is something that a group of people want to create, and then install, but the fact is, if such a thing is remotely true, guess what, it already exists.  It began 33 years ago, and January 20, 1981.  Yeah, while all of you conservatives worship Reagan, he created it, under his 8 years in office, he fostered it.  Bush fostered it was well, but the plan hit a snag when Clinton assumed office, but even he is guilty in it, he gave it a little more rope to run free.  Bush Jr, up and unleashed it on us all.  But it is easy to blame the current president, he was in office when the worst of it hit the fan, and you know what, whoever is in office next is going to be dealing with it.  Even now, if we started fighting back today, it might well take decades to fix all that has been done.  It has taken 30 years to create, it will take 30 years to fix. 

But the GOP doesn't want it fixed.  They want it to continue to go down hill.  It is so they can retain their power.  They want to revert this country back 50 to 100 years.  They want to dance in the flames of hell knowing that as we sit today, we will never drag them down with us.  It is the same with the banksters and CEOs.  They don't want us, in this moment to assume the mantle of what this country was supposed to be.  If we did, it would change this world in a way they do not want.  They love their power, they love their money, and that is all they love.  They don't care about you or I.  If we were burning in their driveway, they might turn a hose on us, just so we don't burn their home down as we crawl to it for help.

To them, we are nothing more than cogs in the wheel, and they want us ignorant.  They want to turn us against each other, so we cannot stop their insidious plan.  They will tell you stories about welfare kings and queens, about the welfare trap, but they neglect to tell you that it is a trap they created.  The reforms in welfare programs were made by them in the 90's.  But they won't mention that.  They rail against the ACA, a plan of their design.  They tell you that a high minimum wage will force jobs to leave, yet places like Washington state have higher employment rates than the national average.  They tell you that trickle down economics hasn't worked properly because of regulations, but the truth is, we have been steadily deregulating since the 80's, and it did not work when it was created, what makes you think it will work now?  If you think it will, you are drinking the Kool-Aid, and you are dooming yourself and your children.  They tell you that this is a Christian nation, when anyone can see from the Founding Fathers, it was not.  They blame the breakdown of the family unit for everything, from wild fires and hurricanes to poverty, and that cannot be further from the truth, while they blame abortions and gays for all everything under the sun.  The breakdown of the family unit comes from the stress of poverty.  Abortions are noted as a reason for the drop in crime rates.  Hurricanes because of Global Climate Change, wild fires for the same reason along with more grassland.  But they want you in fear, fear is their weapon, and we are afraid to feel fear.

You have yet to see real fear, just look into the eyes of someone with nothing.  Real fear is wondering where your next meal is coming from.  Real fear is wondering if you are going to freeze to death tonight, or sometime in the immediate future.  True fear is watching your son or daughter go off to fight in a war, not knowing if they will ever come home.  Actually its the fear of knowing that if they do come home, that they will likely not be the same person.  We need to band together, set aside these petty notions of this person is right or this one wrong.  We all want the same basic things, we just see different paths to them, but they want us at our throats, now is the time to show them who is in charge of this nation.  Now is the time to assert ourselves, our rights, and become the government we always were.