Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Wrong Priorities

We have homeless, we have hungry, we have the poor trying to struggle through their lives.  But where ever their is a problem, rest assured that a charity will immediately spring up to help.

So, as of right now, I know of one homeless family, besides myself.  I know of one guy trying to get the money to get the power on in his name, since his mother passed away.  I know of another guy who relocated because things were just that bad where he lived.  And while we are all trying to figure out how to get money to eat, stay warm, or otherwise survive, you know what I see.  A Go Fund Me account for a man who most likely has medical insurance.

Its the wrong priorities people.  At this point almost everyone has insurance of some type.  The Go Fund Me account was set up for a man who has a job, and while the family will likely need help, they have the support of friends, and family.  Not all of the people in need are so lucky.  I can point at the people sitting on the wayside, looking at all the help that comes flooding to others, but never them, no matter how often they ask, beg, plead, and scream. 

They get kicked aside for someone who got hurt.  Sure it was an act of god, but how many people are homeless because of an act of god.  What is an act of god?  I mean if we want to be technical about it, everything that happens is an act of god.

The problem is priorities.  We would rather feed a starving child abroad than we would a starving child here.  We would rather bring up someone in some other corner of the world, than we would someone who needs it here.  Rather than giving someone money to get their power turned on here, we would rather chide them as being lazy, or irresponsible, than help them.  We would rather give gifts of toys to poor children, while we neglect to ensure they are sheltered from the weather, have a full belly, or get an education.  We would neglect the man on the street corner, the man thumbing a ride to his second job, just because it is not convenient for us.

We would rather utter, "I'll pray for you" than do something.  We have so many options, the injured man will be well tended to, but his friends and his family, those who he works with.  But some of us, we are not that lucky.  We are blessed in a way, but we are also cursed in another.  I know I have offended some with what I say.  But as I was once told, "The truth is a brutal ugly weapon; a weapon that can cut with the ease of the finest of blades.  It can lay a man open to the bone, and never miss a step.  Yet it can rip and tear with such ferocity that no one can offer a defense against it.  It offends, it liberates, it is the ultimate multiuse tool."  And that is so very true, I can reduce a grown man to tears with it, or I can comfort someone by using it.  It can destroy your world, or create it. 

I guess, I just need to spell this out for everyone.  We have the wrong priorities in this country.  We have it all backwards, and we simply do not care.  We would rather allow the homeless to be there.  We would rather allow the poor to be poor.  We would rather the hungry do without food, the sick without care, just because we have become that type of society.  We would rather focus on the problems that are really irrelevant.  How many people go into the hospital and receive little to no help?  More than do.  I guess that is ultimately my problem with this charity thrown together for this single man.